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Hey Penguins its #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday and time for the weekly competition/giveaway. This week im giving away a Card Jitsu code, BUT im not going to randomly post the code on here.

To be in with a chance of winning the code all you have to do is design a new logo for my name:

As you can see this is the logo I have at the moment. Its getting old and im thinking I may need a new one!

So all you have to do is design a new logo for my name, and upload it to: http://imageshack.us/ and paste the link in a comment below.

The person with the best name logo wins the card jitsu code! The contest ends on  13th September 2011 so get creating!

Good Luck!

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Hello Penguins, yesterday I was having a comment contest, giving away a card jitsu code! So many of you entered, thanks. But there was this one person who commented over 700 times and they are this weeks winner. That was ali51133! Well done, I will be emailing you the code.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday next week ill be giving away another card jitsu code!


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Hello Penguins, its time for the #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Giveaway! Im giving away a club penguin card jitsu code away for free!

To be in with a chance of winning,All you have to do is comment. The person with the most comments on this post at the end will win! So you need to comment quite a lot! No spamming please! The closing date is 1st September 2011 at 6am PST

Get commenting!

A common question is how will i send the code to the winner? i will email it to the winner. So please make sure you provide your correct email

Good luck to everyone!

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Hello Penguins

Last week part of #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday I did a contest to win 3 Card jitsu cards to be posted to you! And quite a few of you entered.

I have the results of who has won! I used http://classtools.net/education-games-php/fruit_machine to randomly pick me a winner, and it chose: Phuc

Phuc, you have won the card jitsu cards and a special letter from me Dadted. Well Done to all of you who entered. Later today I will be having another giveaway. A Card Jitsu code so get ready for that.


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Good Morning Penguins.

Today is Wednesday. That means its #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Wooohooo! Coming Up today I will announce the winner of last weeks Card Jitsu card Giveaway. Also I will be giving away a Card Jitsu Code on this very site. Plus there will be a new site in the spotlight, part of the weekly Site Spotlight. Also I will be tweeting throughout the day about all the latest CP news I have, plus you will get to meet me on Club Penguin. So follow me: @Dadted.

Its going to be a Well Good Day!

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Hello Penguins

I have some big news for you, there is this website called Swapits that I have been a member of for a long time! Thats where I get my card Jitsu codes for free to giveaway.

Anyway I was looking round the website, when i found out Disney has put a promotion on the site, and are giving away free puffles and playsets! :O WOW!

To join in the fun and to win these all you have to do is sign up to the Swapits site, by clicking here


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