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Rally For Rockhopper! : D


If you have read the news today, some helpful penguins are going to help salvage the Migrator. : ) For now the only thing we can do is to cheer and encourage Rockhopper!
And here are the main events happening soon, so take note! 😮 Rockhopper will be departing tomorrow so meet him while you can!
Plus, there’s going to be a new play! Not only has the news posted a two-pages advertisement on it but Billybob has also posted the updates on his site. That will be so cool! So check back more often for updates! : D

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Rockhopper’s ship has been wrecked severely now. That’s almost no hope of recovering the ship, The Migrator. I wonder how he can go back to Rockhopper Island with his tiny lifeboat 😮
I don’t often do ads but Plarem7000 needs your help, so go to his site now and comment! : D
Okay, it is too small, let me make it larger.
Maybe it’s still too small. Let’s make it bigger…
There you go! Now you have no excuse of not visiting his site : ) So please visit his site and add him to your blogroll. In return, ask him to add you and he will.

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New Igloo Music! : D

And Rockhopper will be going back next Friday! But I still have not found him yet : (
There’s also a new wallpaper on Rockhopper’s shipwreck!
Thanks for all the comments lately : ) I hope all of you will continue to visit my site! 😮 

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Updates! : D

Billybob has just updated his site and basically, he said that you can get to meet Rockhopper if you are lucky. He has also asked for ideas to help Rockhopper. Lastly, there will be more people to help him posts the latest updates! 😮

There is also some new site features. You can now look through all the posts in the archives! 
There is also new comics
Here are all the events that will happen the next few days : D And I will post more juicy updates soon! 

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Rockhopper’s lifeboat has just arrived at the Dock! 😀

The free item you can get is a life vest! 
I made a funny image wearing the life vest. : ) LOL!
If you click on Yarr, it will look into a telescope.
If you look into the telescope, you will see that Rockhopper’s damaged ship is still floating at the sea.
However, Rockhopper is nowhere to be seen. : ( Can anyone tell me where he is? 

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This is the complete walkthrough for the new mission : ) Hope you enjoy it!
Firstly, talk to Gary and tell him you are ready to question the crab. 
However halfway through, the machine would overload (or short-circuit). 

Then the crab will escape and you would have to chase after it. It will escape out of the Gadget Room, and then the PSA Headquarters and out of the Sports Shop. Then it will jump on to the Ski Lift and escape to the Mountain… 😀
This scene is spotted by these two penguins. If you listen to their conversations, they will talk about some funny jokes 😮 LOL!
*(Not required for mission!)
After you chase the crab to the Mountain, it will jump off it and you will have to follow it.
During the fall, you would have lost your map. Then you just have to continue chasing the crab until it enters a cave in which you can’t enter. 
After which, you explore the terrain to find this black puffle that appeared in Mission 2 before. 
Look around the place to find this.
Use the scissors from your Spy Phone to cut the string. Put the bag of Puffle-O into your inventory. Go back to the tree stump where the black puffle is and feed him with a Puffle-O. He will then follow you wherever you go. ;D
Go back to the cave where the crab went into. Throw a Puffle-O at the door flap that the crab went through. The helpful guy will help you open the door and you can enter.
Once you enter, you will be trapped in a cage instantly. A bear called Herbert appears and tell you his story with a really cool flipchart. his dream and how he came here on an iceberg and how the crab called Klutzy saved him…

Anyway, he’s going to use his machine to destroy the Ski Lodge and make a huge bonfire to keep himself warm. He will leave with the crab and you would have to escape out of the cage first.
 Put Puffle-O at the positions stated in this image and you should be able to get out.
These are the things you will have to put in your inventory…
Combine the items as follows.
  original.png    =>      combined.png
Here’s a map on his targets… 
When you try to open the door to get out, a pile of snow will block your path so you should feed the puffle the Spicy Puffle-O to burn off the snow.

Use the grappling hook to climb the Mountain.
After which, you should go into the Ski Loge and go to this place.
Click on Herbert the Bear, who is repairing the machine and he would say that he wants a Seaweed Pizza.
Here is the path to the Pizza Parlor.


Go to the Pizza Parlor and order a Seaweed Pizza. Be careful not to get the wrong one!
 Put the pizza in your inventory.
 Then, go back the path you came from and give the pizza to Herbert the Bear. While he is eating the pizza, turn the lever the other way.

When he is done with the pizza, something will happen to him (find out on your own) 😀
Then Gary will come along and you will receive a call from the Bear.
Well, that was a scary phone call… hand over the blueprint to Gary and your mission is complete! : )
Whoa, I took one hour to make this post. If you are using it on your site, please give me credit by linking to my site. Thanks!
Likewise, if you think that my mission guides are the best, visit my site more often! 🙂
I am thinking of making a video and if people want one, I can do it… So comment and tell me! 😀 
Have fun!

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Mission Six Ready! : D


The new mission is ready now!
I am now trying to go through the mission and I will post a really good post on the Mission Walkthrough.
I am rather disappointed that the new blog is not ready yet 😦 Hope it is ready as soon as possible!

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