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Hey Penguins its #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday and time for the weekly competition/giveaway. This week im giving away a Card Jitsu code, BUT im not going to randomly post the code on here.

To be in with a chance of winning the code all you have to do is design a new logo for my name:

As you can see this is the logo I have at the moment. Its getting old and im thinking I may need a new one!

So all you have to do is design a new logo for my name, and upload it to: http://imageshack.us/ and paste the link in a comment below.

The person with the best name logo wins the card jitsu code! The contest ends on  13th September 2011 so get creating!

Good Luck!

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Good Morning Penguins.

Today is Wednesday. That means its #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Wooohooo! Coming Up today I will announce the winner of last weeks Card Jitsu card Giveaway. Also I will be giving away a Card Jitsu Code on this very site. Plus there will be a new site in the spotlight, part of the weekly Site Spotlight. Also I will be tweeting throughout the day about all the latest CP news I have, plus you will get to meet me on Club Penguin. So follow me: @Dadted.

Its going to be a Well Good Day!

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Hey Penguins

Ive found this new club penguin code, that can be used by an unlimited amount of people.

It allows you to get a free Green Jacket

Enter this code on club penguin: D23EXP11

by logging on to your penguin and click unlock items online.

And there we have it, a FREE jacket


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Hey Penguins

I have a really big favour to ask! Yesterday I gave away a card Jitsu code for free, I saw how much you loved it and I want to continue giving away coin codes, card jitsu codes, memberships and more. However I have nothing left to give away. But there’s something really simple and easy you can do to help me out!

STEP 1: Sign up to to this website: http://clubpenguinprizes.co.cc/membership/step1.htm and follow the steps.
STEP 2: Login to PrizeRebel and click “Get Points”
STEP 3: Press “Complete Offers” and follow the instructions when completing them.
STEP 4: When you have enough points go to“Prizes” and find the Club Penguin Membership. With this you can then redeem it on the club penguin site, and play as a membership instantly. Buy clothes, buy igloo items, play membership games and go into member rooms.
STEP 5: Repeat this method and continue to earn Club Penguin Memberships for FREE. You may even want to move on and start getting Xbox Live Points, Wii Points, Games and other FREE Stuff.

Its so easy. Plus your getting free stuff out of it, and I get a couple of points every time you earn some. Therefore I can get more codes and giveaway more stuff!

I only need 4 more points. If you help me get them, I will have a massive club penguin giveaway, where I will give away loads of codes, and club penguin toys! Plus I will have a massive party on CP!!

So please help out. thanks

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Im giving away a club penguin card jitsu code away for free! TODAY! 17th August 2011 To be in with a chance of winning, I will be posting the code on this very page, at 11am PST! All you have to do is keep refreshing the page and once you see the code appear, copy it and log on to play.clubpenguin.com. Click the unlock items online icon and enter the code.

Card Jitsu Code: TCW2-KDF7-6PPM-K6RB

This giveaway is over, sorry. But you can get a free club penguin membership by going here: https://straw000.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/get-a-free-club-penguin-membership-right-here-right-now/

Good luck to everyone, and if you win, please comment below to say that you won! So we all know that the code has been taken by someone! Good luck everyone! keep refreshing!

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club penguin membership

Question: Gary is always inventing stuffs on Club Penguin — tell us what do you think is the name of his next invention and what does it do in a few sentence [To enter, please comment on this post your answer, along with your name and email] Contest ends next week and we will then announce the winners next week.

We always wanted to do something to thank you penguins for your awesome support — so here it is — we are having a giveaway of penguins, memberships as well as toy and coin codes every once in a while!! And we will be keep having this giveaway until we run out of stuffs to give away — so without any further ado, here are the rules to the giveaway:

1. You can enter more than one times, but only one answer per comment

2. All winner will be receiving their prizes by email so you have to comment your email and name in order to enter the contest.

3. All comments on this post will be held in moderation till the end of the contest

4. Quick disclaimer: All prizes are unused at the start of the contest but we cannot guarantee that the prizes will be the same condition when given out — but hey, this is for the fun of it, so please do not mind too much about the prize and just have fun!!

comment pic

This week’s giveaway is in the form of a question contest and the best answers will stand to win prizes from us!! Your comment should be interesting, witty and creative!! So start commenting your answers away!! And since we are giving all the stuffs we have every week, you can donate any unwanted penguins, memberships and codes that are in working condition by commenting on this post!! 😀

Update: Contest has ended!! We will be posting the winners at a later date!! Thanks again for joining!! : )

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We don’t know if you know this — but it seems like Club Penguin is going to release some new books quite soon in about a few months and we found quite a lot of cool pictures to show you what they will look like!! : ) The main highlight among these books would of course be the book which can unlock items online — Star Reporter and the Official Stage Playbook!!

Star Reporter is a “Pick Your Path Book”, the third book in the series and we are guessing that you get to be a reporter helping Aunt Arctic [the first one was about Rockhopper and the second one was about Gary] You should be seeing Star Reporter coming somewhere during July 30. The Official Stage Playbook will only be available on October 15 and we are guessing it is about the golden puffle at the stage!! [Meanwhile, unlock free items using book codes from HERE and HERE]

New Books
Club Penguin Book Codes

The other books are Game Mania, Club Penguin Comics and Chillin’ With Friends and will mostly be available on October 15!! Be sure to comment and tell me what you think about the new books!! 😀

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