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Wow!! Since Christmas is coming soon, from Friday onwards, you can use your toy codes to unlock the secret items in the Treasure Book!! Plus, there will also be new items added to the Treasure book to allow you to unlock more secret items!! : D


Anyway, if you have not got the free rare blue book, then see my 36 Free Sure-Fire Club Penguin Book Unlock Codes!! : ) to unlock this rare book!! Or you can click HERE to get the Ninja Black Belt!! 😀


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Update: Christmas is coming soon!! Click HERE to comment what you are going to do during the coming Christmas!!



Wow!! Here are all the cheats and secrets for the new November 2008 Snow & Sports Catalog!! : )




To find the first hidden item, click on the surfboard being held by the penguin, then click on the seashell, then the starfish on the left side, to reveal the Silver Surfboard!!



The next and last secret item is the Pommel Horse. Click on the “N” in the words “SPORT FURNITURE” to buy this item.



And the new Penguin At Work is the Ski Patrol which you should check out!! : D



Lastly, there is a new postcard, that you can send to your buddies during the coming holidays!! Click HERE to comment on this great post!! 😀


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Update: Click HERE for an exclusive sneak peek about the new Sports Catalog tomorrow!!



Hey!! Today’s news is great as there is an article all about the Sensei!! : )



The featured news is the news interview with Sensei!! If you would like to know more about the Sensei, then read the news for more info!!



Also, in anticipation of the new Igloo Catalog, there is a page that allows you to try out decorating a igloo!! Click HERE for all the Igloo Catalog Cheats!! : D



Plus, today’s Club Penguin “In Focus” is about the Pizza Parlor, one of Rockhopper‘s favorite place in Club Penguin!!



Also, there is a new secret about ninjas and the secret Ninja Catalog!! Click HERE to find out more about this new secret!!



Lastly, here are all the updates on the events coming to Club Penguin this week!! The most recent event is the new November 2008 Snow & Sports Catalog so click the link for an exclusive sneak peek!! 😀


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Hey!! Here is an exclusive November 2008 Snow & Sports Catalog Sneak Peek!! : ) From the look of the sneak peek, there is going to be a new catalog based on some cool Sports!!


Anyway, with the update on the Elite Penguins Force DS, you can click HERE to get more info about the game as well as the Secret Command Room!! 😀


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Update: Click HERE to comment about the Secret Command Room!! I would love to hear your comments!!



Yeah!! There is a Secret Room for penguins to unlock!! But you need to have the Elite Penguin Force DS, which comes with a code!! Here is how to unlock the Secret Command Room!! : )



1) First, go to Club Penguin, and click “Unlock Items Online!”




2) Click on the “I have a code button” and enter the code from your Elite Penguin Force DS game.



3) Now you will have access to the Secret Command Room by going to the Secret Agent HQ and entering the cupboard!! : ) I might give away the codes to the Secret Command Room if I get some, so keep updating at this site!!



4) Anyway, here is a picture of me in the Secret Command Room!! If you want to see the Secret Command Roomyourself, then click HERE!! : )


I will post more pictures later once I get in the Secret Command Room!! Meanwhile, there are less people on the servers, so click HERE to get the Ninja Black Belt!! 😀


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Update: Click HERE to comment about the new Catalog and new Pin!!



Hey!! The new November 2008 Furniture Catalog is out!! Here are all the cool cheats for the catalog!!



1) Click on the Christmas Ribbon to reveal the Leaning Tree!!




2) Click on the Control Terminal to find the Welcome Mat!!



3) Now, click on the Guitar Stand to get the Music Stand!!



Also, there is a new Stage Play called Fairy Fables, which is a really new but fun play!!




Plus, there is a new Stage Costume Catalog!! One rare cheat in the Catalog is the Silver Wand, which you can find by clicking the radio behind the yellow penguin!! : D




Also, all penguins can buy a new background which is a cool Fairy Fables Background!!




Also, the new pin is a Snowflake Tile Pin which you can find at the Beach!!


That is all the cheats for the new Catalog and Stage Play!! Please click HERE to comment on this post!! 😀


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Wow!! Here is a great sneak peek of the November 2008 Igloo Furniture Catalog!! Well, this catalog looks like a Christmas Catalog!! : D


Anyway, click HERE and HERE to get updates about the Card-Jitsu Game and Ninjas News!!:D


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