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Better Fireworks

The fireworks have become even more beautiful and nicer. About five fireworks appeared one after another simultaneously, about twice more than yesterday .






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Floating Iceberg At Telescope

Oh. Sorry, everyone.

I missed out one new update. It is about the floating iceberg from the telescope at the Beacon.


I only found out when some penguins talked about it and confirmed it with Plarem58’s site. Thanks, Plarem58.

So sorry about it : ) Guess I’m not observant enough. 

 But anyway, I think that the dislocated floating iceberg might means that the Ice Berg is facing global warming crisis. That would means no party again : (

Maybe, the Ice Berg might experience change? Most probably, Club Penguin might give us non-members free items to handle the crisis!

It’s all a guess. Comment if you know of any other reasons.

Sorry  ^_^ 

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Black Penguins Party!



 There was a sort of  “Black Penguins” party at the Iceberg when someone suggested one at the Mountain. 




But it soon dispersed at the Snow Fort. 





In the end, we had a race at the Ridge Run.  It was really cool for a party!

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Cool Fireworks!


I saw fireworks today in Club Penguin. It was really cool.




One was at the Ice Berg.




Another location was at the Mountain.


Some penguins even started throwing snowballs at it!


Happy New Year!

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Bigger Club Penguin

Hey I found the direct link to the flash file of the club penguin game.

The address is at http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf 

This mean clearer snapshots and bigger graphics. To log off, just close the window. Simple : )

I will put up a link at the BlogRoll. 


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New Year Coming!

 It’s New Year tomorrow. I hope that I can find some items and interesting things on that day.

 Also I’m pretty short on hand, if you wish to help me, in whatever way possible, post a comment. Thank you. 

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It’s Christmas!

Club Penguin looks so renewed.    



 I am just trying to offer another Club Penguin Guide site too. The black penguin in the picture is me. If you ever see, me say hi.

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