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Its time for #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Site Spotlight Winner!

Zaraand4hi2’s site is this weeks Site Spotlight winner because they have their own Club Penguin Blog which they update with the latest news and guides. They take a lot of time and care to make the site and they only have had 207 visits. Therefore they are this weeks winner as I think they have a good site that should get more visitors.

The site is nicly laid out and its not cluttered! Lovely site. Well done for all your hard work!

Check out their site here:



If you’d like to be a Site Spotlight winner then comment below with a link to your site.

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Hello Penguins, its time for the #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Giveaway! Im giving away a club penguin card jitsu code away for free!

To be in with a chance of winning,All you have to do is comment. The person with the most comments on this post at the end will win! So you need to comment quite a lot! No spamming please! The closing date is 1st September 2011 at 6am PST

Get commenting!

A common question is how will i send the code to the winner? i will email it to the winner. So please make sure you provide your correct email

Good luck to everyone!

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Hello Penguins!

Over the past few months, we’ve heard some rumors, and many of you have asked if we’re making a mobile app… Guess what?

We’re excited to announce that we’re just about finished our very FIRST Club Penguin app!


We can’t say too much just yet, but we’ll have more info for you in the next few weeks.

So what do you think our first app will be? Let us know your best guess in the comments below!

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Hello Penguins

Last week part of #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday I did a contest to win 3 Card jitsu cards to be posted to you! And quite a few of you entered.

I have the results of who has won! I used http://classtools.net/education-games-php/fruit_machine to randomly pick me a winner, and it chose: Phuc

Phuc, you have won the card jitsu cards and a special letter from me Dadted. Well Done to all of you who entered. Later today I will be having another giveaway. A Card Jitsu code so get ready for that.


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Good Morning Penguins.

Today is Wednesday. That means its #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Wooohooo! Coming Up today I will announce the winner of last weeks Card Jitsu card Giveaway. Also I will be giving away a Card Jitsu Code on this very site. Plus there will be a new site in the spotlight, part of the weekly Site Spotlight. Also I will be tweeting throughout the day about all the latest CP news I have, plus you will get to meet me on Club Penguin. So follow me: @Dadted.

Its going to be a Well Good Day!

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Hello Penguins!

In our developer’s update last week, we mentioned that there would be some new stuff launching on Beta Team. We also said there’d be something a little different to test… We need your help to test out a brand new improvement to the chat system!

We’ve heard that some of you find it hard to chat with friends because of the filters. You asked if we could make it easier to chat with your buddies online.

You asked… and we listened! We’ve made some big improvements for you:

•     Now you’ll see suggested words above the chat bar as you write sentences!
•     You can click the words that appear, and the system will automatically complete the word for you. Now you’ll be able to chat way quicker than before!
•     Tons more phrases than Ultimate Safe Chat… Over 300,000 phrases!

We want your help to test the chat system improvement before we release it on Club Penguin. Let us know what bugs or issues you find by submitting a comment in Beta Team. Remember that it’s a test site, so things may not work the same way that you’re used to (i.e. games, items, newspaper)

You can test the new chat system on Beta Team starting today! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Until then… Waddle On and Happy Testing!

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Hello Penguins

A new mission awaits us.

First click your spy phone and go to the Comm Room. Then click on field opps. A message will pop up.

Now go to take part in the great snow race, but only go halfway. You will see an area to the side saying EPF only. Go there.

Once you are in, go toward the transmitter tower. A message will pop up on your spy phone, and you will have to do a field opp mission. Once you complete it a message will come up.

Go and grab your free item, put the helmet on and move on to the next room

Now you’ve got to run through the maze without hitting any lasers. Grab the key and head out of the maze.

Once you complete the maze you enter the room where Herbert is!

Throw 3 snowballs at the electrical boxes.The parts for the Mini AC 3000 have been teleported to us now. We now have to build this but be careful not to awake Herbert!

EPF AC3000 Instructions

To set up the Mini AC3000 look at the picture below:

Mini AC3000

Once you have completed the setup of the AC3000 you will get the AC3000 pin

Ac3000 Pin

AC3000 Pin

Also you will receive a EPF message from G thanking you for all your hard work. Check it out!

Final Message from Gary


You have successfully completed the EPF Operation: Hibernation! What do you think it going to happen next? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


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