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sensei toy

It’s gray, it’s good at Card-Jitsu and it’s coming to to toy shop near you!! Introducing the newest Series 5 Mix N Match toy — the Sensei toy!! It may not be the cutest toy but it’s gonna be a great toy to have with you — so are you getting it?? 😀

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Great Snow Maze

Rory the construction penguin has something up to his sleeves — the Great Snow Maze!! : ) Expect to see new snow clothing items and gears as penguins celebrate in the cold weather!! And by the way, did we mention it was members-only?? 😀

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norman storm

Be prepared to be a bug on the coming stage play, Norman Storm — literally!! Norman Storm sounds like a play that’s gonna be huge with lots of bug-sized actors. And expect lots of surprises too — this is one play you don’t want to miss!! 😀

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volcano pic

November 13 — mark this date on your calendar, all ninjas penguins!! This is when you all will have the chance to help out in the construction at the volcano in preparation for the Card-Jitsu Fire!! And what will the place look like when it’s done — possibly something like this!! 😀

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cp membership

Club Penguin has updated their membership page and it seems like members are gonna get a treat real soon. Access to new rooms (which may include the Card-Jitsu Fire room) and new catalogs (Card-Jitsu Fire catalog) are just some of the things members can expect!! But that’s our guess — what do you think the new Card-Jitsu Fire will be like?? Members only or non-members as well?? 😀

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cp login

Login screens at Club Penguin tells a lot — the new login screen we have got says a lot too. For now, we can finally confirm that the new room will be for the Cad-Jitsu Fire and the new stage play will be coming out on that day too!! No surprises here, you were expecting it too, dont you?? 😀

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card jitsu fire

You gotta read this carefully — we have gotten an email from BillyBob and we thought you might like to get a heads-up on what to expect soon!! Here is what we got:

Sensei has been making crazy events with the fire! And there is going to be 3 Element penguins! That will teach penguins on the island to use the elements!

The first element is fire! And the name of that special penguin is Ninja O Dark
The second element is Water and that penguin is Ninja O Water
The last element is snow! And that penguin is Ninja O Snow!

Now you got it, the first one is Card-Jitsu Fire after which will be followed by Card-Jitsu Water and Card-Jitsu Snow!! And each one will have a special penguin as stated above!! : ) Now you know what to expect, please be sure to comment and tell us what you think about this!! 😀

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