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Pin Rules! : D


Screenhog has released another post on pins!
It is a really cool post and give information and tips on how to find pins! : )

I might make this into post a really cool page! Check back for more updates! 😮

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New Pin And Cool Updates! : )

There are many new updates but we will see the pin first! : )
The new pin is at The Cave! 🙂 It is a really awesome Aqua Grabber Pin! : ) 
 There is also a  new Sports Catalog.
 The new Flashing Lure Fishing Rod is really cool but it is for members only : (
 Luckily there are new backgrounds and it is quite cool!
And lastly, there is a major update at the Beach to the Save The Migrator Project!
There is going to be lots more updates next week and I hope we can fix The Migrator soon! 😮

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Hey! The news came up today! : D
Gary has said that The Migrator can be fixed soon! 😮 That’s good news!
However we will have to wait a little longer for the new books to arrive : ( 
The lures to catch grey fish is also ready soon! I hope non-members can also buy it! 
 Lastly here are all the great events happening!
Check back here for more updates! 

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Hey everyone! Mimo777 has decided to make a new party! : D
I have to admit that I cannot tell what the picture is. But here are the hints!
The words in the brackets are spelled backwards. Here is the correct words.
And if you go to the comments, which is close to a hundred, Mimo777 is posting as 
mimo777 (cpg)
His comments provide more hints about the server.
The server is the name of a mountain in Australia.
And if I am not wrong, go to
 And you will see that the picture on Wikipedia is the same as Mimo777’s image!
 So the answer is Kosciuszko! (or in Club Penguin known as Kosciusko)
I hope I am right this time! Please comment and tell me if you think I am right!

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Parties And Events! : D

Thanks a lot, everyone! You all sent many comments to comfort me so I am back to normal! : D I will promise to be more observant next time!
And speaking of Mimo777’s party, there is a new one and I made a new post on it! : )
There are going to be lots of parties and events in March! 😮 I can’t wait!
Also the game, Aqua Grabber is a lot faster! Go and play it! 
There is a also a new comic which is really funny! ; D 
Thanks! Please check back more often for updates! : )

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Hey everyone! I received many comments that I got the wrong server.
It was all because of me that some of you missed the party and did not get to meet Mimo777.
I am really sorry that I gave you the wrong server… : (
Some lucky people managed to meet U Fride at Down Under. Brandos12 and Austin933 even got to meet Mimo777 at the correct server, Iceland! : ) I am really happy that you managed to go the party!
For those who missed the party, I wish to apologies to you. It’s all my fault : ( 
 And to make thing worse, I was not there… : (
 The reason I was not there because I had to sleep. Mimo777’s party starts at 3.00 AM at my time zone so I was not able to go for this party.
 I am really sorry that you all wasted time for nothing and that I was not there to try and solve the problem : (
I am beginning to think that I am not really suitable for solving Mimo777’s party clues and that I should stop this in case I mislead you all next time  : (
Do you think I should?
Hope you all can forgive me : ( 

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If you go to The Beach now, you will see all the ship parts of The Migrator that was recovered in the Aqua Grabber scattered on the ground! : D   





There have also been some changes at the “Save The Migrator Project” booth! 😮 The map is gone and is replaced by a tool kit!  This means that the The Migrator can be fixed soon! 


And we will be able to receive gifts from Rockhopper when it is done!


Check back for more updates! : D  





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