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If you have been to the Lodge Attic, you will see that it is filled with snow and the AC 3000 has been placed to help keep the place cool and prevent it from melting!! : )



And the sign says thats the snow is being stored for February Fun which is most likely for a February Snow Party, which is a bit different from last year’s February party!!




Also, there are lots of cool fireworks released at the Mountain and the Iceberg to celebrate the New Year!! And though most of the fireworks were similar to last year’s fireworks, you might get a chance to see the rare puffle fireworks!! : D



In other words, there are also Club Penguin toys that have been released and you can see all the toys at the Club Penguin Toys site!! One of my favorite toy is the Gary toy which looks geeky!! I wonder what is your favorite toy?? Click HERE to comment and let me know!! 😀


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Update: I will have a party if I get 1 million hits, so keep visiting here!! Comment here if you just completed Mission 10, Waddle Squad using my Mission 10 tutorial/guide!!


Hiya guys!  The new mission “Waddle Squad” has been released. Here are the mission cheats and walk-through guide for this mission.


Firstly, here is the video for the Mission 10 Waddle Squad Walkthrough!!




Here is the step-by-step tutorial and cheats for the Mission 10- Waddle Squad!!



Begin the mission by talking to G and the other agents.



When Herbert and G are finished talking, look right next to G and grab the solar source out of the Brown box and put it in your inventory.



Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the Green penguin.



Scroll to the right and talk to Rookie and take the solar box out of your inventory and put it on the colored wires. Use the soldering iron to make paths across the grid. Match each color on the grid without crossing any paths.



Once you are finished, talk to the Green penguin and grab all of the clothing items and put them in your inventory. Then grab the Brown table and put it in your inventory. Go outside of the Gift Shop and set up the table and clothing items right under the Red flag.



Once you are finished, go to the Beach and talk to the Red penguin (Jetpack penguin) Go into the Lighthouse and click on the barrel of Cream Soda that is right next to the staircase. Add the barrel of Cream Soda to your inventory.



Now go back to the Beach and talk to the Red penguin. Give him the barrel of Cream Soda. Now, he will give you an assignment to do. You have to divide two cups of the Cream Soda into four. You can click on the help bottle for the instructions.



After the Red penguin takes off in his jetpack, go to the Dock and get some rope from the green penguin.



Then go to the Night Club and attach the rope to the metal cage and lever device. Click on the Red lever. The device will break. Go to your inventory and get out your spy phone. Click on “Tools” and take out your wrench. Unscrew the bolts by clicking on the metal panel with your wrench. Click on the inside of it and put back on all of the gears. The go in order from biggest to smallest (going from left to right).



Go to the Town from the Night Club and wait until your spy phone rings. Then go to the Dock. After Klutzy goes to the top of the Mountain, you will receive another call.



Then go to the Night Club and trap Herbert by clicking on the Red lever.
Herbert will break out. Your spy phone will then ring again.
G will call, and then all of the agents will move in.



Once Herbert is stuck to the Green penguin’s magnet, make the lights on the roof shine on the solar device.



Then he will be trapped and Gary will explain how to deal with Herbert and after which Herbert will escape using Rookie’s spy phone.




After that, the mission will be pretty much over. You will be able to recieve your medal and a gift. I hope this Mission 10 cheats guide helped you beat the new mission!! Click HERE to comment once you completed the mission!! 😀


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Thanks a lot for that awesome party today!! It was awesome and we had a great time!! I added quite a lot of buddies and here are some party pictures to show you!! : )







And here are two very special featured penguins during the party!! Thanks a lot for being such nice and wonderful penguins!! : D




I will have my next party when I get a million hits or I get 100 subscribers/readers!! Just click HERE to get your daily Club Penguin Cheats by email or click HERE to get your daily Club Penguin News by RSS!! 😀


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Update: Click HERE for my new forum!! Once you see this, click it to be the first to join my new forum!! : )



Hey!! The new December 2008 Igloo Upgrades Catalog is out and here are the cheats and secrets for the new igloo catalog!! : )



1) Click on the crowbar on the Floor Removal Service to reveal the Secret Stone Igloo.




2) Click on the four “candy” words to show the awesome secret Gingerbread House!!



3) Click on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo to buy the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo!!



Also, there is a new secret agent note at the Secret Agent HQ!! : ) Seems like the mission will be coming soon and should click HERE to complete the previous mission before trying Mission 10!!



Anyway, the New Year fireworks is not out yet but here is a spoiler for those who want to know what it will look like!! If not, you can click HERE to comment on this post!! 😀


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Wow!! Straw000’s site is going to be one year old soon!! And there is going to be a party to celebrate this cool event!! Here are the details of this anniversary party!! : )

  • Date: Saturday, 27 December 2008
  • Time: 9 AM CPTZ
  • Where: Fjord Dock


Anyway, the first post of this site was first made in December 26 2007 and I am very happy to say that this site is reaching a million hits soon!! Thanks to all of you for visiting this site and making it such a huge success!! I hope to see you at my party!! 😀


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Hey!! Merry Christmas to all penguins!! The new Club Penguin News Issue #167 is out!! : )



Firstly, the Coins For Change results is out and here are the results:

  • Kids who are sick: 30%
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school: 33%
  • Kids without parents or are hurt by war: 37%



Also, Rockhopper has left Club Penguin during the Christmas Party!! Click HERE if you want to find out how to find Rockhopper!!



The current “In Focus” is about the cool Ski Lodge, another great place to hold parties!!



And here are all the awesome events that will take place in Club Penguin soon, with the New Year fireworks coming really soon!!




Lastly, Club Penguin sent out 2 cards to all penguins, a Coins For Change card and a Secret Agent card!! Click HERE for a sneak peek of the mission or you can also click HERE to be the first to comment on this post!! 😀


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Hey!! Club Penguin has updated the login screen and it is more colorful and has a better interface than the old one!! : )



Also, Club Penguin has added some new servers and they are Ascent, Northern Lights, Snow Cap, Snowmobile, Southern Lights!! So the servers will be less crowded now!!



And if you go to the Secret Agent HQ, there is a new sign that says “Be Ready Agents”!! You can click HERE for a Mission 10 spoiler!! Or you can click HERE to be the first to comment on this post!! 😀


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