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There is a great awesome post on the Club Penguin Blog!! The new igloo update looks really cool and I love it!! 😀 Please check it out!


New Feature: Igloo update! 


Straw000’s RH Tracker


Meanwhile, I have also tried to keep you all updated with the Rockhopper Tracker! 😮 Thanks to biscuitboycj, tooly228 and Labydog for helping out!!! : )


If you want to help out, please comment on my site if you ever see Rockhopper! Thanks a lot!! : D


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Straw000’s RH Tracker


<a href=”https://straw000.wordpress.com/rockhopper-finding-guidewith-images-d/><img src=”http://straw000.googlepages.com/rockhoppertracker.png alt=”Straw000’s RH Tracker border=”0 /></a>


Hey, here is the new Rockhopper Tracker!! : ) It helps you to track where Rockhopper is!!


Basically, the tracker tracks Rockhopper according to these criteria! 😮 They consists of comments of Rockhopper on Tooly228 and my site, probabilities of Rockhopper appearing in a particular server and information from Rockhopper Search Party!!


The tracker will update every few minutes, so please stay on this site in order to track Rockhopper!!



Also, there is a great post on the Club Penguin Blog on Rockhopper! Check it out! 😮 You can also find Rockhopper with the help of Rockhopper Finding Guide(With Images)! : D


Rockhopper Is Here!



In addition, there is a new funny comic!!


Lastly, if you ever see Rockhopper, comment on where he is!! This will make the tracker highly accurate!! Thanks a lot!! : )


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Hey!! Rockhopper has just landed on Club Penguin! : D




Here is an awesome free item that he brought back!! It is a really cool Stuffed parrot, the same parrot as Mimo777!! : )



Also, Rockhopper has also updated his Notice Board with some new events!! Please check it out! 😮





In addition, there is a new Sports Catalog which is based on ball games! You can also buy an awesome Sports Background!



Also, here is my new funny comic which is inspired by Pen Flippy!! Thanks a lot!! : D


My Awesome LOL Funny Comics!!(NEWER PAGE) : D


Lastly, if you want to find Rockhopper, please remember to read my guide!! Happy Rockhopper Finding!! 😀


Rockhopper Finding Guide(With Images)! : D


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Hey! : ) There is a new Club Penguin News today!!



Firstly, there is an awesome article on the tremors that happened in the Town a few days ago!!



Also, Rockhopper is finally returning to Club Penguin after a long time out at sea!! 😮



The Club Penguin’s current “In Focus” is on the cool Ski Lodge! Check it out for more information!! : D




And here are two awesome articles by penguins!!



Lastly, here are the great events happening in Club Penguin!! : )


In addition, I have updated my Funny Images Page with new pictures!! Please visit the page and comment!! Thanks a lot!! : D


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Here is an awesome post at the Club Penguin Blog on the new mission!! : ) From the look of it, the new mission has been a really fun and exciting one! 😮


New Mission today!



Also, Rockhopper has been sighted returning to Club Penguin! 😀 If you want to find him on Club Penguin, please read my guide and comment!!


Rockhopper Finding Guide(With Images)! : D


That is all the updates!! Please comment on my awesome post! Thanks a lot!! : )


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Hey! The new cool Club Penguin Mission has just came out!! Here is the awesome guide to completing the mission!! : )



Click on the new mission and you are ready to begin! : D



Firstly, talk to Gary who will brief you on the current mission. After which, Gary will tell you to go to the Dock to investigate the earthquake.





At the Dock, Herbert and Klutzy will appear from a vehicle. Apparently, they have a evil plan up their sleeves!! Herbert will accidently let go of the map of the tunnel and will be cut into half after Klutzy grabs it. The map will then fly away to other places. 😮



After that, they will move back into the tunnel and you should put the lamp that Klutzy left behind, in your inventory.




Keep chasing the map that flew away starting form the Town and then the Snow Forts and finally, the Plaza. half of the map will land on the Dance Club and half will end up on a green penguin’s newspaper. Talk to the penguin and he will ask for a pizza. : D




Go to the Pizza Parlor and order the pizza the penguin asked for. Put the pizza in your inventory and give it to the green penguin with the newspaper. he will give you the newspaper which you should put back into your inventory. : )





Now go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the shopkeeper. Click the cookies on the floor to help him put back the cookies in the jar. Then get the cookie that the shopkeeper gives you and keep it.



Now go to the Gadget Room and pick up the Brown Propeller Hat behind Gary. Keep the hat.



Now go back to the Town and give the sad green puffle the Hat first, and then the cookie. The puffle will fly away and you will get another half of the map.




Now go into the huge tunnel at the Dock. Move around until you seen another two tunnels and follow the directions on the map. You will need to turn on the lamp to see in the dark. You will now be under the Gift Shop. Now use the spanner to remove the screw at the door. It will be very useful later. 😀





Now go to the Lighthouse to get a box of balloons from an orange penguin and keep it. Then talk to the purple penguin to get an idea and then take a barrel of cream soda and keep it too. Then grab a net in the Lighthouse or outside the Lighthouse and put it in your inventory.




Now go to the Sport Shops and grab the box of pegs near the tent. Go back to the Gadget Room, get the Hydrogen Tank after asking Gary for permission. Lastly, get the hammer beside the spanner.




Now, take out a balloon from the box and pump it using the Hydrogen Tank and put it back in your inventory.



Then, go back to the place under the Gift Shop by going through the tunnels or from the Gift Shop, entering from the Town.


Here is a set of instructions that you need to do very quickly so please read carefully : D If you do any of these steps too slowly, you will need to start all over again. If you feel your computer is too slow, use low-quality mode!! : )



Shake the barrel by holding it and moving your mouse up and down repeatedly. Put the barrel under the Gift Shop when the barrel is close to exploding.

Then go back to the Town quickly, attach the inflated balloon to the Gift Shop, rapidly put the net under the gift shop, put the pegs on the net and use the hammer to put the pegs in place.



After you fixed the Gift Shop, the two penguins outside will be very happy and will thank you.



Now proceed to the new tunnel that has been cleared from the place under the Gift Shop. You will see the vehicle that Herbert and Klutzy drove in. Use the spanner again to remove the gear from the vehicle and keep it.





Now, move on to the Boiler Room through a hole on the left side. Talk to Herbert who will be surprised to see you, and in his fit, he will accidentally, hit the Boiler. After Gary calls you, click on the Boiler to fix it by connecting the pipes. : D



After this, Gary will call you again and you report back to the HQ. Talk to Gary and give him back the gear and he will be really happy!! : ) All you have to do now is to get your awesome medal and your gift!!





And here is a another short mission guide submitted by Khrystin!! Thanks a lot!!! : )


1. Talk to G.

2. Head to the dock.

3. When your there, talk to Herbert.

4. He shows you a map, but Klutzy accidentally cuts it.

5. After Herbert disspears, pick up the green lamp, then you must follow the map.

6. One peice of the map sticks to the Dance Club. Don’t pay attention to that one right now.

7. Follow the peice that’s still going.

8. It flys into someones newspaper. Talk to them.

9. They wish they had a pizza, so you go to the Pizza Parlor and buy them a pizza.

10. Give the pizza to them, and they will give you there newspaper.

11. Take the part of the map out of the newspaper and put it into a sepperate slot.

12. Go the Coffee Shop. Help clean up the cookies. He offers you some cookies.

13. Take a cookie, and give it to the puffle in the town. He will try to fly up and get it.

14. He falls, and they say he could fly if he had a bigger cap.

15. Grab the propeller hat behind G and give it to the puffle!

16. The puffle will then knock the second half of the map down.

17. Now you have both parts of the map. Head back to the dock and go into the cave.

18. Follow the directions on the map.

19. Unscrew the pipe that is blocking the gift shop door. (with the rench on your spy phone)

20. Get the net, balloons and soda from the lighthouse.

21. Now go to G and ask for his Hellium, and Hammer.

22. In your inventory, put the balloon on the Hellium.

23. It will put air into it. Attach it to the Gift Shop.

24. Now do the following: Put the net on the bottom of the gift shop, put the pegs into it, now hammer them in.

25. Go back into the cave, where you find Herbert in the boiler room.

26. He breaks the boiler and you must fix it.

27. G calls. You have now earned your medal and have completed the mission!

Note:right before step 25 use your wrench on the drill where the gear is if you want a gift.which is the frozen gear from the last mission.


Hope this guide helped you a lot!! Please comment a lot as I spent three hours working on this guide! Thanks a lot!!! : )


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Hey! There is an awesome post at the Club Penguin Blog!! : )


The post mentions about the strange events in Town! From the look of it, I think that it has got something to do with the new mission! 😮 Most likely, our new task is to save Club Penguin!!


New Furniture! (& strange events in Town!)


I have also updated my pages with lots of funny images!! 😀 Please visit the page and comment! Thanks a lot! : D




If you have not completed the earlier missions, you can complete them reading my guides!! : )


Mission 6 Walkthrough(Questions For A Crab)! : )


Club Penguin Mission 7 Walkthrough(Clockwork Repairs)! : )


Lastly, the new mission will be released early next week so please check back here for more awesome updates, especially my awesome mission guide!!


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