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Check out our forums: http://cpcheattools.forumotion.com/ and join now.

Join in the cheating of club penguin. On the forums you can find loads of different tools from private servers to iphone apps.

Also there is a points shop every post you do you earn points (there are other ways to earn points) You can spend these points on amazon vouchers, custom swfs, club penguin fan kit and more.

There are loads of things to do on the forums, so join now!



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The weekly newspaper came out today. Here is the latest news:


More news soon.


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Hello penguins I know its short notice but I thought i’d have a mini party on club penguin today. 23rd February

Time: 6.50am PST (find out the time here: http://community.clubpenguin.com/)

Server: Polar Bear

Room: Dock

We will play a few games and hang out at my igloo.

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Hello there

I would just like to say my penguin Dadted is now a member. I will have my own igloo party soon and I will post news on this on the site. 😀 im all excited.

More News soon.

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Hello penguin

Sorry I havent posted in a while, but I’ve been away. However I am back now and ready to post.

The puffle party is finally here, so here is the Ultimate Guide for it:

Free items:

No party is complete without free items, here is the one for all penguins, found in the plaza.

Blue puffle hat:

And here is the members one, which can be found in the puffle show.

Striped Puffle Jacket:

Member room:

Image courtesy of cordexblitz.files.wordpress.com

This is one of the members rooms. There are two for the party, more images on these soon.


You can get a special stamp from the party. All you have to do is take your puffle with you to one of the members rooms.


More news on the party soon



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Hello Penguins!

It’s time for another Reviewed by You post! Last week, we asked what puffle color you would be and why. Many of you said that you’d be a rainbow puffle because you were a mix of all the colors.

Here’s a good one from Alex123:

I would want to be an undiscovered rainbow puffle because it is a mix of all of the puffles and because it is undiscovered!!! waddle on CP!!!

Thanks for all your great comments, everyone! The team really enjoyed reading all your different choices.

blog_110208.gifThis week we wanted to ask you something a little different. In celebration of Safer Internet Day today, we’d like to hear what you’re doing to help keep the island a safe place for all penguins. Do you help give tours, protect the island as a secret agent, or report players who break the rules? Let us know your best safety tip in the comments! 

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words, please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!


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Hello there

I would just like to say me and a couple of penguins have a forum called CP Cheat Tools.http://cpcheattools.forumotion.com/

There you can find trainers, private servers, fullscreens, swf files, and free stuff on there.

Plus there are loads of contests to enter to win prizes such as club penguin memberships, toy codes and more. So check it out.

Also there is a points option, where for every post or topic you do you earn points! Then you get to spend those points on prizes like a $5 or £5 Amazon Voucher! Check it out now!

Also please dontate us some credits so we can get rid of the adverts and get our own .com if you do this for us you will automatically get a moderator position on the forum and all the tools, plus you’ll get first looks at the new developing tools and you may also get a extra prize aswell! So please help us.

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