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Wow!! This is awesome!! : D There are going to be some REAL Club Penguin toys that we can buy!! So far, you can download some cool posters of the toys here!! : )



Also, some parts of the sneak peek has been revealed!! : ) Click here to see more about the rest of the sneak peek!! 😮 If yo want to win a cool Limited Edition Viking Penguin, click HERE to win one!!



Also, there have been some changes to the Plaza!! : ) So, I should be making some more funny pictures!! Please click HERE to view my Fall Fair funny pictures!!


Lastly, for those who need help on how to earn tickets, click HERE for an exclusive cheat guide!! 😀


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Read these posts for cool Fall Fair Cheats, Tips And Secrets!! : D



2) Fall Fair Awesome Cheats And Secrets!! : )

3) Ultimate Unlimited Tickets Cheats!! : )

4) Fall Fair LOL Funny Pics!! : )



Hey!! There is a great new stuff taking place really soon and here is the sneak peek!! Click here if you want to check it out yourself!! : )



Also, if you need some Fall Fair Cheats, click HERE to read them!! If you need help on how to get lots of tickets, then click HERE to read a quick and easy guide!!



Lastly, please see my funny Fall Fair pictures!! I took a lot of time and efforts to make them!! Click HERE to see all of them!! 😀


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Yeah!! There is a giveaway of 1000 limited edition viking penguins giveaway!! To join in, click here!! : ) Thanks to bingoooooo for the great tip!!


Also, there are some secret updates in Club Penguin, so click here to see more about these updates!! : D



Also, I have some new Fall Fair funny pictures, so click HERE to see them!! 😮



Lastly, I made a really awesome guide on how to earn lots of tickets!! Click HERE to see the guide!! 😀


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Hey!! You can earn lots of tickets without cheating!! Here is the ULTIMATE GUIDE on how to do that!! : )



The first game that is quick and easy to play and earns quite a lot of tickets is Ring The Bell!! It is one of my favorite game!! : D You can play this game at the Dock!!



Firstly, wait until your hammer is somewhere in the middle of the target!!



Then, press and hold your mouse button and when you have about maximum strength, release your mouse button!! 😮



And your hammer will hit the target and you should be able to ring the bell easily!!



And you can get 25 tickets in a simple and quick game!! Play it a few more times and you should have lots of tickets!!



Other than Ring The Bell, another game that earns lots of tickets is Memory Card Game located at the Beach!! : D



There are 24 cards in total, so there will be 12 pairs of cards you need to find!!



To find out what the cards are, the quickest way is to keep flipping cards side by side, such as the first and second card, the third and fourth card!!



Then, just remember or memorize the position of the cards very quickly!! You should be able to reveal a few pairs of cards really quickly!! Just try your best to remember and focus!!



If you have a really good memory, you should be able to reveal all the pairs in about 20-25 tries!! Here is a picture of how many tries Straw000 took to find all the pairs!! : D



And you should be able to receive 60-80 tickets if you are really good at this game!! : )



Feed-A-Puffle a a really great game that earns you lots of tickets really fast!! : D It is located at the Cove!! You have only 100 puffle food, so you need to be careful when feeding the puffles!! Here are all the cheats about the puffles and how to feed them!!



The blue puffle is the first type to appear and is very easy to feed as its mouth is open all the time!! Feed it to earn 2 tickets!!



Red puffles open their mouth for a short time, then stick out their tongue and opens their mouth again many times!! Feed it the moment it open its mouth to save time and earn 4 tickets!!



Black puffles stick out their tongue when their appear and open their mouth and stick their tongue out again!! Feed them when their mouths are open to earn 6 tickets!!



Pink puffles are quite shy, so wait until they hop out to feed them!! You will get 8 tickets!!



Green puffle spin around, so wait until their mouth are directly facing you to feed them!! They are worth 10 tickets!!



Purple puffles are the funniest!! Burst the bubble they are blowing and quickly feed them!! They get the most tickets of about 12 tickets!!



When the game ends, you should be able to receive 400-500 tickets, which is quite a lot!! Too bad there is no yellow puffle!! I hope there will be one for next year!! : D


The next game that you should play is Puffle Shuffle located at the Forest!! It is a really challenging game but earns you lots of tickets!!



There are three puffles that will be shuffled in hats!! So you have a high chance of guessing where the chosen puffle is!!



When the hats are shuffled, focus and remember where the puffles are!! You might just want to remember where two of the puffles are : ) Just select where the chosen puffle is and you will get tickets!!



The best thing is that the number of tickets you get will increase for every puffle you guess correctly!! But the game also gets harder!! So try your best not to make any errors!! If you do, just stay calm, relax and try again!!



And when you run out of the 3 tries, the game ends!! You should get about 300-500 tickets depending on how good your memory is!! : )


I will be updating this post on more tips and cheats on how to earn tickets!! Meanwhile I made some new funny pictures about the Fall Fair!! Click HERE to see them!! 😀


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Update: You don’t have to cheat to earn lots of tickets!! Click HERE for an ULTIMATE GUIDE on how to do that!! : )


Hey!! Here is a really cool cheat that will help you get unlimited tickets in a really short time!! : D



Firstly, go to the Dock and play Grab And Spin!! Spin until you get 30-50 tickets!!



Then press “Tab” until a yellow box is around the “End Game” button! Then keep pressing “Enter” for quite a while!!



Now, quit the game, and you will have lot and lots of tickets!! Exchange your tickets for prizes at the prize booth!! : D


Anyway, please use this cheat wisely!! If you want to earn lots of tickets without cheating, there is a guide that I will be posting really soon!! Meanwhile, try your best at the games at the Fall Fair!! 😀


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Update: New penguins featured as Penguin Of The Week!! Click HERE to see if you are one of them!!


Yeah!! The Fall Fair is finally here!! Here are all the cheats and tips for the Fall Fair!! : D


Firstly, there are two new pins in this Fall Fair!! Here is how to get the two pins!! : )




The first pin is a Lollipop Pin hidden on the net at the Lighthouse!!




The second pin is a Yellow Balloon Pin which you can redeem at the prize booth at the Plaza and the Arcade Circle!! however, you will need 100 tickets to redeem it!! To know how to get there tickets, read the rest of this post!!




The orange ticket on the right side of your screen indicates how many tickets you have!! To earn the tickets, you need to play games that are all around Club Penguin!! Warning: When you log off, you lose all your tickets, so redeem your tickets for prizes before you log off!! 😮




Anyway, once you earned enough tickets, go to the prize booth at the Forest to exchange the tickets for some cool items!!




Also, there is a new room for member penguins, known as the Arctic Circle!! You can go to the room from the Snow Forts!!


So far the games that earn quite a lot of games are the Puffle Paddle and Feed-A-Puffle!! But my favorite game is the Ring The Bell, which is fun and easy to play!! I will be posting more updates on the Fall Fair quite soon, so check back here for the latest news on the Fall Fair!! 😀


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Hey!! Here is the last sneak peek just before the Fall Fair tomorrow!! : ) From the sneak peek, I think that Rockhopper will be in Club Penguin during the Fall Fair!! So you might need to click ROCKHOPPER TRACKER AND ROCKHOPPER GUIDE! : ) for some tips and cheats on how to find Rockhopper!!


Also, if you have not seen the other Fall Fair sneak peek, then you really must click HERE to see it!!


Lastly, the Fall Fair should be one of the best parties ever!! Remember to come back here for more cheats and tips for tomorrow’s Fall Fair!! Thanks a lot!! 😀


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