Club Penguin has recently updated the island with a new pin which is located at the Dance Club, take a look!

I really like this pin, and Club Penguin are really starting to think about each and every thing they add to the game. I will be wearing it for a while, how about you? Leave us a comment below!

The Club Penguin team have uploaded a new wallpaper to their wallpaper section on their Community website. This new one shows a penguin bathing at the beach.

Have you used this wallpaper for your desktop? Let us know in a comment.

Club Penguin recently updated the poll on their Community section. This new poll asks players what their favorite room of the Underwater Expedition party is.

Which one did you vote for? Let us know in a comment.

Billybob has recently posted a new article on the Club Penguin Community Blog. In this post, Billybob discusses bugs that the Club Penguin team have successfully fixed.

The bugs that Billybob says the Club Penguin team have fixed are:

  • Faster loading times – Logging onto Club Penguin has just become faster
  • Blue screen bugs – Being disconnected whilst seeing a blue screen has been fixed
  • Small screen trick – Switch between small and big screen without having to log on and off

Have you noticed a difference with these bugs gone? Let us know in a comment.

Club Penguin recently uploaded a new video to their youtube account. This video talks about Herbert and his dreams.

However, the usually video pauses you at the end of the video, in this video, that is not the case. If you carry on and press the play button again. You will see an exclusive clip of Herbert, gone.

It seems like something big is about to happen with Herbert and the EPF again. But what could it be? Let us know what you think in a comment.

Happy77 recently posted an update on the Club Penguin Community blog regarding featured igloos. She has posted three more igloos, which she thinks should be featured.



Lucas Lof

These are pretty nice igloos. Which is your favorite? Let us know in a comment.

Club Penguin has recently updated their fan art on the Community section of the Club Penguin Blog.  Take a look at the brand new pictures that have been added.

I enjoy the great colorful designs of the new fan art pictures.  Do you like the new fan art pictures?  Let us know by leaving a comment.