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club penguin toys

I hope you love Club Penguin Toys — because Club Penguin has just announced an awesome update!!  The wait is finally over for the Club Penguin Toys in Australia and New Zealand — Limited Edition Penguins, Mix N’ Match Figures, and Pet Puffles will finally be available in Australia and New Zealand starting mid-June!! Australia will also see the first set of the Card-Jitsu Trading Cards soon!! In Australia, you can check out the toys at Toys”R”Us, and then later on at Kmart. In New Zealand, you’ll find them at Farmers. : )

And there is also a cool event in Australia too somewhere around June!! On June 9th, if you’re in or around the Moore Park Toys”R”Us in Sydney, we want you to help your Club Penguin community celebrate their arrival by attending a special event:

Where: Toys”R”Us, Retail Supa Centre, Moore Park, NSW, 2033
What day: Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
What time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

And For those of us who can’t be in Sydney to celebrate, we can still cheer for our “down under” community. Why not have your own party – meet your friends at the Iceberg and celebrate – just for fun!! What Club Penguin toys and Card-Jitsu sets are you buying?? We really want to know so please comment and tell us!! 😀

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Yeah, you heard that right, the new mission– Mission 11 might just be coming out in less than a few weeks somewhere around the corner!! : ) Here are some clues we got here — remember Mission 10, Waddle Squad, the mission in which Herbert escape from a cage after you capture him, but in his escape, he left a package of seeds around which Gary discovered?? : )

Well, relate that to Rockhopper’s overgrown plants and you can see that Herbert might just be up to no good with his new plan to take over Club Penguin using plants and you might just have to stop him before it is too late!! We are not sure about that but it seems like the new mission will be a lot ‘greener’ than usual so be prepared for it!! What do you think about this — comment and let us know!! 😀

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explorers adventure party

Wow!! We have been very excited about the new Adventure Party and we do not know what to expect since it is a really new party — not until we got an exclusive sneak peek of the Adventure Party that we know it is going to be a really cool party!! Well, check out the new Club Penguin Login Screen: Explorers Wanted — I am thinking we are going to explore around the jungle maze created by Rockhopper’s weird overgrown plants!! What do you think?? Be the first to comment and let me know!! 😀

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new cp music tracks may 2009

Hey!! Check out the new update to the new igloo music tracks that have just been released!! Here is a full list of the new music tracks: Puffle Ragtime, Summer Song, Flipper Stomper, Coconut, Mix Maestro, Catchin’ Waves Theme, Water Kongo!! Grab these new tracks and you can start blasting music in your igloo — and talking about igloo, didn’t we mention about the awesome Dojo Igloo Contest coming right up?? I sure hope you are decorating your igloo right now!! 😀

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Here it is — the new May/June 2009 Club Penguin Sports Catalog is out and we got all the cheats and secrets covered for this catalog!! : )

Click on the football on the top to get the cool Green Soccer Jersey!! And… that is all the cheats in this catalog!! Not much hidden items cheats to expect in the new catalog — but check out the cool sports stuffs — they are awesome!! Comment and let me know anything you feel about this catalog!! 😀

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Is it just us or are Rockhopper’s plants growing faster than usual?? Just a few days ago, we noted that Rockhopper’s plants were just growing around on the beach and now, the beach is full of these weird overgrown plants — new strange pink flowers and overgrown vines can now be seen!! : )

And Club Penguin has laid out some amazing surprises for us penguins too — go to the Beach and click on the pink flowers and green vines to see them grow and multiply in huge numbers in a short while!! Hmm, if you are thinking what I am thinking, most likely we are going to have a forest on Club Penguin and you have to find your way around a forest maze to get free items during the Adventure Party!! What an unexpected surprise from Rockhopper!! What do you think?? Be the first to comment and let me know!! 😀

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The new issue #189 of the Club Penguin news is out and here is a great round-up of what is inside!! This week’s news is a bit special because it is going to be the last news issue with the Reviewed by You section — it will be moved to the Club Penguin blog next week!!  : )

First up, Rockhopper is here but he won’t be staying for long — only until May 31 before he set sail!! So be sure to look out for him and buy the rare plants he bought before he is gone for good!! The Club Penguin team has also had an exclusive interview with Rockhopper about what is going on with the plants!!

Also, the Sensei has also revealed some new updates of what is to come in the new Card-Jitsu game which we covered a bit earlier!!

Plus, coming right up soon is a Dojo Igloo Contest in which penguins can decorate their igloos and win prizes!! Think you are game for it?? You need a black belt to get you started so be sure to read my quick black belt ninja guide!!

And here is a quick summary of the events: I hope you are looking forward to the Adventure Party!! We got a sneak peek lined up HERE if you want to know more!! 😀

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