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Hey!! I hope you still remember that Rockhopper will be visiting Walt Disney World in Florida from April 30 – May 13th!! : ) Well, here is a guide on how to meet Rockhopper: For those of you who can go, get out your pirate maps and make an “X”: Hollywood Studios is the location for Captain Rockhopper’s whereabouts while he’s in Walt Disney World in Florida. [see the map above] Well, it would be nice if you could comment on this post when meeting to him to tell me what it was really like when meeting Rockhopper!! 😀

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Hey!! Club Penguin has released a new update to the Sled Racing game on Club Penguin. To see the new update, go to the Ski Hill and click on the catalog to buy the toboggan!! Only member penguins can buy the toboggan and to use it, just hold the toboggan when sled racing to use it!! : )


Also, there are 3  more music tracks for the member’s Dance Contest game: Patrick’s Jig, Go West and Let’s Bounce! so be sure to check them out!! Other than that, that is all the new updates this week!! I wonder what the toboggan is for- is it to go faster during the game?? Be sure to comment and tell me!! 😀

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Hey!! The new pin has been released on Club Penguin and it is a Tree Pin which can be found at the Dojo Courtyard!! : D


Also, here are more sneak peeks of the Medieval Party coming up in May!! We are still waiting for the game upgrades to arrive so be sure to wait for us to post the cheats when they come out!! Otherwise be sure to drop a comment on this post and let us know what you think!! 😀

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Wow!! Here is a great news that is very interesting and awesome!! : ) Are you a Tour Guide or Secret Agent on Club Penguin?? Seems like starting from May 1st, penguins will get paid every month for doing those jobs!! Aunt Arctic will be updating us about this very soon so we will be keeping track of this!! But before that, just wondering how much will they pay us and what we will need to do to get paid?? Until we get an answer from Aunt Arctic, be sure to comment and let me know what you think!! 😀

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Meet Rockhopper

Hey!! Here is a really cool news!! You may have seen Rockhopper in Club Penguin before but here is your chance to meet him in real life!! : ) Captain Rockhopper, will be making an in-person appearance in Walt Disney World in Florida!! He’ll arrive at the park on April 30th and be there until May 13th!! If you meet him, be sure to talk to him and get his autographed photo and tell me about it here!! 😀

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Hey!! Mimo777 has released all the clues to his party and here are all the answers for the clues!!

Server: Northern Light or Aurora [from the picture and the many comments telling me so!! Thanks for all the comments!!]

Date: 18th April 2009 [netddaruoftcartsbusowtsulpnetekat?yasuoyyadtahw read backwards is a maths problem: 10+2-4+10 = 18. Thanks to benijboy 13 for the great tip!!]

Time: 2.30 PST [Not so sure. Please comment and let me know if you know if this is the correct time]

Room: Headquarters HQ [the picture shown is a quarter so this means Quarter on Club Penguin!! Thanks to oisin1001 for the tip!!]

Let me know if you are coming to the party or I made any mistakes on the answers!! The clues are pretty tough this time so please comment so that I can make sure you get the right answers!! Thanks a lot for your help!! 😀

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March 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats

The new Club Penguin April-May 2009 Furniture Catalog has been released and here are all the cheats and secrets in the new catalog!!! : )

1) Click on the Poodle Plant to reveal the Wheelbarrow.

2) Click on the corn plant to get the Picket Fence.

3) Click on the red guitar for the Disco Ball.

4) Then click on the word “Puffle” to get the White Puffle Poster.

5) Click on the Koi Pond for the Ice Table.

6) Last but not least, click on the Pinata for the Aquarium.

And that is about all the cheats in the catalog!! Be sure to get ready for the Medieval Party coming soon!! Comment and let me know what you think!! 😀

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