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Hello penguins! Just now i noticed that the Everyday Phoning Facility is crumbled up and destroyed:

Oh No! This must be Herbert and Klutzy’s Attack! So i went inside….

Ahhh! It is! Hmmmm… its funny how the EPF test screen is still working!

If you go up the ladder, you go into the room called ‘The Battle of Doom’, witch raised my heart beat up a little bit. When your inside the room, it looks exactly like the Dragon Fight in Ye Knights Quest 3, apart from the fact that there is a Laser Shield! That going to make thing harder!

It’s strange that all of the other penguins are in the spot you arrive in when you enter the room, and they are not moving or speaking! Witch means you have to complete this challenge by yourself!!!!!! And another weird thing is that Klutzy is not there…. So where is he, probably gone to look for the dragons used in Quest 3!

There is a New Snow and Sports Catalog out, here are the cheats (secrets):

(All Credit to TheCaractorisfromcp for this video)

So then, we will just have to be patient untill club penguin realease the herbert and klutzy attack mini game.

What do you think about all of this? Leave us a comment below and tell us!

Waddle On! (and all the very best of luck in the Herbert and Klutzy attack mini game when it is released)


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Yes that’s right my exams are over! I promised i would return 4 weeks ago, and here i am!

Any way, lets get straight into some club penguin stuff!

First of all, here are the 3 knights quest tutorials (videos)

Knights Quest 1

Knights Quest 2

Knights Quest 3


(All Three Videos belong to ClubPenguinNews08)

Tips on the Dragon Fight at the end of Quest 3 (Because the video for quest 3 is wrong)

Red Dragon – Do not follow the shiny steps or you will have to automatically restart. Throw snowballs at him when he is ready to use fire and then you will see his health decreasing.

Yellow Dragon – Is the only dragon you follow the shiny steps. This is where you have to use the new shield to shine it on him

Blue Dragon- You will see this pot of lava on top of his head and keep throwing snowballs at that when it is under the blue dragon then you will see his health decreasing.

Another Note: The dragon fight takes along time, so be patient.

A note to people who have slow computers: Go on a server 3 bars or below, or it will be very very slow.

Once you have defeated the three dragons, go to the next room and get the final part to the new knight armour, and there is also a cool action that comes with it!

You need to be wearing the following items to do this action:

Head: The New Knight Helmet

Body: The New Knight Body Armour

Hand: The New Knight Spear and Shield

And then Dance! This is the New Dance:

This is the free item available for non members inside the Wizards Tower, The Purple Wizard Hat:

There is also a new Purple Dragon Costume! Available at the Gift Shop Medieval catalog:

And if your wondering how to get the purple dragon feet secret! Go to the Gift Shop Medieval Catalog, and click on the Lute, You can also get the Braces by clicking on the puffle on the blue tabard:

So then, what do you think about the medieval party? Leave us a comment below and tell us!

Waddle On ye old Penguins!


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Update: I am going to try something I have not done in a long time. I’m getting authors to help me post. Condition is that you must not be writing for ANY blog currently. As simple as that. Just comment below your email and name and I will get in touch with you. Thanks!! : )

Hey!! Really really sorry that I have been gone for a long time. After much thoughts, I feel that I am no longer as relevant as before in this new Club Penguin World. But I’m willing to give a try so as to get back on track again. So I will need your help, just comment and tell me what you all want to see, what suggestions you have and what ideas you have!! Do you want more cheats and guides? Or you want more rumors and speculations? Or just plain reporting or lots more contests? I need to you tell me TRULY what you want so that we may work out something together. So please comment and let me know what you think!! I will see what I can do about it!! Thanks!! : )

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The stamp book long-awaited has been released!! There’s over a 100 stamps and you need to do some activities to unlock these stamps, some group activities which need a few penguins!! We can’t say much about these but there seems to be some mysterious stamps still not known so we will give up info when we do know about these!! : D

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Merry Christmas and happy birthday to this site!! We are officially 2 years old!! : ) The first post was made on December 26 2007 and we have gone a really long way to what we are today!! Thanks for all your support and let’s keep this site always the most awesome site ever!! Be sure to comment here and tell us what wishes do you have for us for the coming years while you wish us a happy birthday!! 😀

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Hey, it’s Christmas and so you can grab the Santa Hat at the Ski Village which is available for all penguins!! By the way, we are trying to get back on track on posting the latest cheats that you love, so bear with us a bit!! 😀

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It’s Christmas and the new pin has been released!! This pin is the Snowman Pin which you can get at the Lodge Attic!! 😀

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