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Here are two awesome posts at the Club Penguin Blogs!! : )



Apparently, the Igloo Contest and the Book Contest were really successful with many penguins taking part and the winners were really awesome too! : D


If you do not know what the cool item from the Club Penguin Improvement Project(CPIP) is, read this post about it! 😮


Winners Announced!



From the look of it, the Penguin Mail is going to be a great update in Club Penguin!!


Penguin Mail Update


That is about all! Please comment on my posts!! Thanks a lot!! 😀


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The Club Penguin Book Room Writing Contest has already been over and now we can look at the winners’ awesome stories in the Book Room!! : D



Their stories are really creative, excellent and talks a lot about Club Penguin so have a look at their stories!! : )



Also, the Club Penguin Improvement Project(CPIP) Free Item is finally out and it is a really cool red mining hat!! 😮


Wear this awesome hat to start drilling anywhere!! Or just walk around the whole of Club Penguin to show that you were a Server Test helper!! 😀


Hope that you like this awesome and unique free gift!! Comment on what you think about it!! : ) Thanks!!


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There are some really great Club Penguin News! 😀



Firstly, the winners for the Writing Contest have finally been announced and there is a brief look of their stories in the article. So check it out!! : )



And the winners of the Medieval Igloo Contest have also been announced too! Their igloos are really awesome and I hope you are one of them! 😮



And today’s Club Penguin “In Focus” is a special edition which is on other penguin’s igloo! Read the article for some great tips and hints! : )




In addition, there are also some awesome articles submitted by penguins!!



And lastly, here are the great recent events in Club Penguin that you do not want to miss!! 😀


Thanks for reading my posts and commenting too! Visit here for more cool updates in Club Penguin!! : )


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There are some new posts at the Club Penguin Blog! : )



Firstly, the team made an awesome Medieval Party background! Check it out! Also, there will be some new additions to the community section!!


New wallpaper (and more to come)


And also, another great post on another blog! 😮 From the look of it, the Club Penguin Server test helpers will be getting an awesome and unique item!! 😀


Thank You Item for Server Test helpers!



Here is the details of my awesome big party! It will be held with other famous penguins like Lynne505, Redbluemast and Nypaoe!! : )


Server: Snowfall(Canada)
Venue: Dock
Time: 7 AM CPTZ(Club Penguin Time Zone)
Date: 7 June


Please comment on whether you are able to go for the party and what you would like during the party! : D Thanks a lot!!


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There is a great post at the Club Penguin Blog!! : )



The Medieval Party is one if the biggest party and so the contests are also big and awesome!! And remember to decorate your igloo because there will be more winners and awesome prizes!! So read this post for some great tips and criteria!! 😮


Party Extended! (& Igloo Contest starts)




I also created a new widget which looks quite cool! Please put it on your Club Penguin site or comment on it!! : D Thanks a lot!!




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Hey!! There is an awesome free item in Club Penguin! : ) It is a Wizard Hat! It is on the table in The Lighthouse!! Click on it to get this awesome free item!! : D



It is supposed to be quite an old item in Club Penguin, that first came out in Halloween of 2006! Thanks to Papotty for telling me this cool information!



And the new pin is also really cool! Go to the Boiler Room and use the awesome Anvil Maker 3000(which Gary made) to make the pin! 😮




Click on the Maker which is filled with hot lava and wait for the pin to form! And pick up the awesome Do-It-Yourself Anvil Pin!! Thanks again to Papotty for this great tip! : D


And also remember to check out the new pet catalog and furniture catalog!!




And today is the start of the Igloo Contest! Make use of the awesome new furniture to decorate your igloo! You might be the next winner! : )


And there are awesome new Club Penguin wallpapers and comics, so check it out! 😀




There is about all! Hope you like the awesome old item from Club Penguin! Thanks!! : )


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There are some awesome articles in the Club Penguin News! : )



Firstly, there is an article on the Igloo Contest which will be starting soon! It has an attractive prize, so remember to take part! : D



Plus, the Medieval party will be extended! I think it is one on the best party in Club Penguin and by extending it, you get to have fun for a longer time!



And the winners of the Club Penguin Writing Contest will be announced quite soon! 😮



Also, the current Club Penguin “In Focus” is on the Coffee Shop, a really awesome room in Club Penguin!




There are also two awesome articles submitted by two penguins, so have a look at it!



Please check out this awesome game called Puffle So-Cute-O! : D I completed the game and here is the answer!



Lastly, here is a look at the great events happening in Club Penguin you do not want to miss out! : )


Thanks for visiting my site! Please look around and comment!! : )

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