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Mimo777 has come up with a new clue for his 1 Year party! : D


Mimo 1 Year Party Clue #1



To solve the clue, you will have to visit this link first : )



So if we solve the clue, the answer is Chinook.



And it is a server : D


Thanks to Jatar for telling me this great tip!! : )



Please comment on the posts because I am getting too little comment and hits recently : ( I really want to make great awesome posts but I want people to comment! : ) If you do, I will solve the rest of Mimo777’s party clues 😮 Thanks a lot!


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There are some new awesome post at the Club Penguin Blogs : D





This is a great awesome post and you really have to give credit to the Club Penguin team for such cool rooms addition and awesome game!


New Room(s)!!



And Club Penguin is going ‘Big Screen’! Now you can view the game with a cool view and new experience! 😮


‘Big Screen’ launched




There is also a new funny comic in case you do not know : D Go and have a look!


Have fun with the new room! : )


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Hey! : D The key to Rockhopper’s room is finally out!





But we will look at the clue on his door first : D The clues point to the Book Room! 😮







Open Rockhopper’s Journal and go to the last page to get the awesome new key! Best of all, wear it as a pin to show that you can go into Rockhopper’s quarters : )





Now go into the new quarters and you can see a new room that has never been seen in Club Penguin before. There is a really awesome game called Treasure Hunt that you should play and the game is all about teamwork and observance! Have fun!!






There is also a new Notice Board and some nice pictures in a picture frame!





You can also climb the ladder from Rockhopper’s ship to the top of the ship, The Crow’s Nest and play around with the cannon : D





Now Rockhopper is getting to be really cool! And Club Penguin is so fun!! : D Credits to khrystin and NaveenRock to comment and say the tips! Thanks! 😀


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Hey, there are many great posts at the Club Penguin Site and I am updating on these posts 😀





From the look of it, I guess this is the new cabin of Rockhopper : D Only one way to find out, find the key to the room! 😮


Sneak Peek: new room



Well, Rockhoper is here to stay and I wish that I can get to meet him : ) You can help me- comment if you know where he is in Club Penguin if you ever see him! : D Thanks!


Rockhopper in Club Penguin!



And one more post at the Club Penguin Test Blog…


You can play Club Penguin in “Big Screen” now. But I would love FULL SCREEN! That would be so cool! : D


New Features Coming Soon!



Plus, I am a bit busy now but when I am done, I hope to make a party. But my buddy list is TOO FULL : ( I have 110/100 buddies(exceeds the limit) so I was hoping to clear my list to add penguins during the party. 



Please comment if you think I should clear my list. I am really sorry if I cannot add any of you even if you meet me on Club Penguin 😮 Thanks!!



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Go to Club Penguin! Rockhopper’s party has begin!! : D



Firstly, here is the pin : ) It is at the Ski Village. Click on the red X for the pin!










There are two awesome free items. At the Beach you can find a free shirt!!







Now go to the Plaza and you can get a free Sailor Hat.







Lastly, there is a new awesome Sports Catalog!




Have fun at the Party! : D



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Hey, the Club Penguin News is out and it is filled with awesome news!! : )




Firstly, Rockhopper is going to hide the key to his room soon and I hope to find it!  : D



There is also a journal on his events at sea.




Now with the mission completed, the clock is fixed! Party as usual!




Also, Club Penguin is looking for writers. All you have to do is to submit your article 😮





Thus week’s Club Penguin “In Focus” is on the Ski Village and Mountain. Have a  look at it!







Here are the pages on the new sports catalog and the coming party.




There are also hidden stuff in Club Penguin- news and catalogs and more! Click the hat of the green penguin on this page to get a surprise!




And well, save The Migrator!




Lastly, here are the big events happening!




Here, you can see that the Clock has been fixed! : D




Also, there is a new note at Rockhopper’s cabin ; D



Lastly, you can use your medal as a clock. Thanks to khrystin for telling me!! : )


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Hey everyone, the new mission is ready!! : ) It is called Clockwork Repairs and is Club penguin Mission 7. Here is the complete walkthrough, with lots of pictures for the mission! 😮






When you start the mission, talk to G(Gary) first and reply that you know about the Clock being broken. Then he will request you look at the monitor and here is what you will see.









Herbert The Bear is making away with the a large gear(the Prime Gear) and that a screw has been flung into the Iceberg during the process. Subsequently, the crab makes off with the target.



When you are done with the footage, G will tell you that you are being ordered by the PSA to “improvise a solution”.




And when you asks G for more information, he tells you more facts about Herbert The Bear which are quite important and interesting. : )


Now, go to the Snow Forts to talk to Rory there and you will get lots of hints on this mission! : D







And here is the first part of the steps to the mission. You can grab a Rescue Tube at two locations. One is the Gadget Room. The other is the Sport Shop. Either way, put it in your inventory.






By the way, here is an awesome picture of the old Aqua Grabber! 😮












Now go to The Dock and talk to two blue penguins wearing blue shirts. When you ask them where they got the target, they will tell you that the timid crab dropped it. Now challenge them and win the game which you got limited number of snowballs and you need to aim properly with enough strength to hit the target.






When you win, they will give you the target(which you put in your inventory), but they will be sad : ( Give them the Rescue Tube you picked up to brighten them up 😀







Now to the second part of the mission. Go to the Ski Village and you will see a crying penguin. Chat with him and the pink penguin reading the news will say that Sow Fort has the best snow : D This is a major tip in the mission.







Now go to the Beach and talk to the yellow penguin relaxing on a cool chair and he will tell you about how a yellow puffle made it : )







Now pick up the green bucket on the ground near him and put it in your inventory. Then, go to the Snow Forts and use the bucket to pick up snow from the ground and put it back in your inventory. 








Next, go to Town to meet ‘Rookie’ from the last few mission. Now ask for a picture of the gear from him and put it in your inventory : )






 Later, go to the Pizza Parlor and you can pick up a music sheet near the piano. Then keep it in your inventory. While there, you might want to talk to the chef and he will tell you that the Pizzatron is not working.









For some tips to find the yellow puffle, go to the Pet Shop and ask the owner for some tips : ) Not required but very useful information. Now at the Stage, click on the piano and you will see the shy yellow puffle. 








Put the music note on the piano and play the notes from left to right. When you are done the yellow puffle  will be happy and he when you exit the piano, he will pop up : D










Give the items to the yellow puffle in the following order in the picture. Don’t mess the order up or this will happen : ) When the puffle is done with making the gear, pick it up and put it in your inventory.






Now proceed to the Gadget Room in the Secret Agent HQ. Put the gear down on the Test Chamber. Start the lever once, press the freeze button to harden it and press the lever again to bring it out : ) Put the hardened gear into your inventory again.









Now to the last part of the mission, go to the HQ and click on the locked-up Electromagnet 3000. You cannot open the lock since you do not know the password. Ask Gary and he will say the it is ‘key’ It is the code of the Secret Agent. Here is the decoded password to the lock : ) When it is unlocked, put the Electromagnet 3000 in your inventory.





Then, go to the IceBerg and use the magnet to attract the spring coil in the trapped ice cube. Again, put it in your inventory and go to the Gadget Room again. Like the gear, put the ice block on the Test Chamber, then pull the lever once, heat it with the fire button to melt the ice and press the lever again to put the spring coil back in your inventory.











Go to the Snow Forts and click the clock and assemble all the three missing things back. When you are done, Herbert the Bear will call you and tell you his plan. We can only find out in the next Mission! : )











After Gary briefs you on the next possible mission, you get rewards for your hard work, a medal and a blue shirt!! Yeah! : D









And you have completed Club Penguin’s latest mission! Congratulations!! 


Please leave comments here to let me know that you like this complete walkthrough, because I spent lots of time and efforts on it!! : ) Please make 100 comments and 1,000 hits on this post! I will be very happy if you do so! Thanks!!! 😀


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