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Hey!! Rockhopper has just landed and he has brought some cool items to Club Penguin!! The new item is a Treasure Map Background and there is also a new secret item in the catalog!! Click on the island with the “X” on the Wallpaper to reveal the secret Porthole.

Also, there is a new pin which is an O’ Berry pin that can be found at the Iceberg. Be the first to comment on this post and let me know what you think or click HERE to find Rockhopper!! 😀

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ClubPenguinHQ.com Rockhopper Tracker



Hey!! Rockhopper is here in Club Penguin and here is a Ultimate 100% Accurate Rockhopper Tracker and Top 10 Sure-Fire Tips On How To Find Rockhopper!! : )

  1. This tracker is updated very quickly and updated many times a day!! So click HERE to refresh the tracker every 5-10 seconds!!
  2. Rockhopper goes on crowded servers such as Mammoth and Frozen during peak hours.
  3. Rockhopper is online at any moment so you can find him 24/7 a day.
  4. Rockhopper is a red penguin who wears a captain hat and speak a pirate language.
  5. He goes to lots of places such as the Ship, Dock, Beach the Plaza and Town. (most of the place in Club Penguin)
  6. You can get a Rockhopper background if you see him.
  7. He is always surrounded by a large crowd of penguin.
  8. Be the first to comment and let me know once you see Rockhopper!!
  9. See the comments on this post for breaking news on his latest location and updates.
  10. Just be patient and use my tracker and do a bit of finding and you should be able to find Rockhopper in no time!!

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Update: This are just edits but Step 5 should be able to work!! : ) This post is meant to be funny and I hope you have fun finding the white puffle!! Comment and let me know what you think!! : D

Update 2: You can buy one at the Pet Shop now in the Puffle Catalog [more info here]

Hey!! Straw000 has just got a white puffle!! Here are some pictures to show you!! To catch/get the white puffle, just follow the ways below and you will get a white puffle really soon!! : )

1) Go to the Dojo Courtyard and the Mountain at the specific times and then when the white puffle appears, take out a puffle net to catch it.

2) Do the same as Step 1 but instead of catching it, you use a Puffle-O to feed it and it will follow you.

3) Come to Straw000’s igloo and you can borrow my white puffle and take it out for a walk.

4) When Straw000 is online, look for him and ask him to give you a white puffle. I will give you one if I have an extra white puffle.

5) If none of the above steps work, just be patient and wait till the white puffle arrives in the new puffle catalog and you should be able to get one.

And if you follow the steps above you should be able to catch/get a white puffle. Just a disclaimer is that most likely the steps won’t work. [Update: See the top of this post] Comment and let me know if you got the white puffle!! 😀

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Club Penguin White Puffle Rumours


Wow!! There are white puffle sighting in Club Penguin so the white puffle rumour is true!! To see the white puffle appear, go to the Dojo Courtyard and the Mountain to see the white puffle appear every 15-30 minutes!! They appear at the Mountain on the :15 and :45 marks and at the Dojo Courtyard on the :30 and :00 mark!! [Thanks to 122ninjas for the tip] Meanwhile, we will be updating on this white puffle mystery!! Be the first to comment and let me know if you seen them!! 😀

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Hey!! The new Club Penguin February/March 2009 Furniture Catalog is out and here are all the Cheats And Secrets in the new catalog!! : )

1) Click on the Pinta to reveal the secret Aquarium.

2) Click on the right Snow Fort tower for the Green Birdhouse.

3) Lastly, click on the Velvet Rope to buy the Welcome Mat.

Also, Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin soon!! Be ready to watch out for my Rockhopper Tracker or check out my Rockhopper finding guide if you want to find Rockhopper!! : )

Lastly, check out the cool Puffle Bandana which is located at the Cove!! Have fun at this Puffle Party and be sure to comment and check out the new feature that lets you reply to each other’s comments!! 😀

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Hey!! The Club Penguin team has just released a new update to their toys and there should be more new toys in the next series!! Check out the Club Penguin Online Shop to see more toys or visit the online store there to buy the toys!! Meanwhile, let me know what toys you might be getting!! I might be getting a Rockhopper or a Gary toy!! 😀


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Hey!! The new puffle furniture catalog and the new stage play is out and here are all the cheats and secrets for the catalog!! : )

For the stage play catalog cheats and secrets, click the red dodge-ball of the red penguin to reveal the secret Red Viking Helmet!!

In the new puffle catalog, click the light brown flower pattern for the exclusive Grey Puffle House!!

Lastly, the cool new Box O’ Puffle O’s pin is at the Mine!! If you have been around Club Penguin, you will notice that there is a lot of construction going on and there will be an awesome Puffle Party soon!! Comment and let me know what you think about this!! 😀

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