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Club Penguin has recently updated the island with a new pin which is located at the Dance Club, take a look!

I really like this pin, and Club Penguin are really starting to think about each and every thing they add to the game. I will be wearing it for a while, how about you? Leave us a comment below!


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Hey Guys! I noiticed some new start screens on some of the games on club penguin, check them out!

They look cool! What do you think about them? Leave us a comment below!

Waddle On!


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Well hello here! As you know already, I am the new author, Fin1002, I have been on club penguin for 3 years, and i have been Blogging about club penguin for 3 years, I am glad to be part of this Large Club Penguin Blog, I am very exsited that i am now posting to thousands of viewers, if you would like to visit my blog here it is below:


If would like to visit me on club penguin, i usually go on these servers:




Belly Slide

My username on club penguin is Fin1002 and here is what i usually wear:

(But i don’t wear the toboggan anymore)

I will also be making a Fin1002 Tracker Soon.

Waddle On!


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