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sensei roof

It’s not everyday you see Sensei do something very special — and when he does, it really awesome!! Check out this exclusive picture of Sensei on the roof [thanks SuperNinja25]. We don’t know how he got there and why he’s there. But here is my guess: ninjas have superpowers and it will be revealed really soon!! : ) Don’t be surprised if penguins can fly next time!! Comment and tell me what you think or submit any more pics of Sensei’s superpowers!! 😉

Update: I got some comment saying it’s a hack — what do you think??

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sensei tracker
You will know this by now — we are LIVE and tracking the Sensei but here’s the deal — we are gonna need a little help here!! : ) If you know where Sensei is right now, just click HERE and comment and tell us and we will update it in real-time as soon as possible!! So be sure to keep the comments flowing in — we don’t want to miss out on anything about Sensei!! 😀

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sensei tracker

Hey there — we just got news that the Sensei is in Club Penguin now. Here is what the background looks like!! We are tracking him right now, so be sure to check back!! He can be seen at the Ninja Hideout and he will be giving out his own autographed background for these 3 days!! Our Sensei tracker is now LIVE: be sure to check it out!! 😀

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sensei 1
Still remember Sensei and how the Dojo came to be the place for playing Card-Jitsu after he arrived?? Well, here are some quick info to refresh your memory!!

Sensei is going to show up in the Ninja Hideout, and it got me thinking that there are many of you who may not know how Sensei made his first appearance on Club Penguin. It was just after Halloween 2008, and storm clouds had darkened the island. The storm was fiercest on the mountaintops, and the snow-covered Dojo was struck by lightning!

sensei 2
Lots of you worked with hardhats and jackhammers to repair the hole and shovel off the mounds of snow. Some of you noticed a strange figure clothed in a brown, ragged cloak who helped to clear the snow away. A couple of weeks later Sensei revealed his identity; He had been living on Club Penguin, and had finally chosen to make himself known!

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Ultimate June/July 2009 100% Accurate Sensei Tracker


You heard it — the Sensei is gonna meet the black-belt ninja penguins on July 3-5. So to be sure that you get to meet him in just 3 days, we got a special treat for you!! here is an Ultimate June/July 2009 100% Accurate Sensei Tracker to help you track him!! : ) We will be keeping track of his location once he appears — so be sure to check back when he’s here!! Comment and tell us what you think or when you see him!! 😀

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sensei post card

Anyone here got a postcard from the Sensi — Sensei is inviting everyone to the secret Ninja hideout to teach them a new secret move. Not much info about this mystery but I am guessing we will get to meet him soon. But first you might want to be a black belt ninja first in order to enter the hideout. Keep the comments rolling in and tell me what you think!! 😀

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