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Hey!! Remember the time we showed you the new Rockhopper Background that you can only get from Disney World?? Well, we found a cool new update to it, that you might not have spotted!! There is a cute white puffle on it near Bambadee and we thought you might want to check it out so here is an exclusive picture above!! : )

Also, Club Penguin has been busy with the Card-Jitsu update, here is what you can expect: a new card deck icon. When you click it, a Card-Jitsu board will pop up with your ninja information. Also, just like you requested, you’ll be able to see how close you are to your next belt color and you’ll also be able to see your online card collection!! Isn’t that cool!! Be the first to comment and let me know!! 😀

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new rockhopper background

Wow!! Check out this exclusive picture of Rockhopper’s latest background that we found!! Now instead of the old background of just Rockhopper in it, you have Bambadee on the left side and Rockhopper on the right side!! : ) Don’t go searching for the background in your player card yet, because it seems like the new background can only be unlocked if you meet Rockhopper and Bambadee at Disney World and get a special coin code from them to unlock this exclusive background!!

Do not despair if you cannot get it, we have a feeling it will be coming out really soon- maybe the next time we meet Rockhopper!! Cool huh?? Comment and let us know what you think!! 😀

Also, in other news, while we were busy showing you the latest cheats to the new member’s quest, we have not notice the new Medieval Catalog that is currently at the Gift Shop. One thing to note is that all the items in the new catalog is for members only, except the cool new background in the catalog that is for non-members as well so be check to check it out!!

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