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Wow!! I think we have a new Club Penguin Mystery on our hand!! We know it was weird when Rockhopper brought those strange overgrown plants to Club Penguin, but if you have been to the Beach, you would have found out that the plants are now growing very fast and are spreading throughout the island!! : ) And if you look carefully, you can see a jackhammer — most likely there will be a construction on the Beach really soon!! Maybe a plant museum or a Rockhopper museum will be built but we are not so sure!! If you think you know the answer, be sure to comment and let us know!! 😀

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Rockhopper’s Location: LAST SEEN AT fjord beach!! FASTER!! TRACKING NOW!! [CLICK HERE TO REFRESH]

Hey!! Rockhopper is giving a new Rockhopper is on Club Penguin and so here is an all-new Rockhopper Tracker that is better than our previous Rockhopper Tracker!! We will be telling you his latest location LIVE and in real-time!! : ) From now on, we have a Rockhopper Tracking Log that will be updated by us once we see Rockhopper and when he moves around the server or he leaves the server on Club Penguin!!  This new Rockhopper tracker will be updated many times a day, so click HERE to refresh every 3-5 seconds!! You can help us by commenting when you see Rockhopper or when he leaves a server!!

Scroll down below for the log to see where he has been and his latest location!! [All the times and dates are in Club Penguin PST]

Saturday 23 May 2009

7.23 PST: First sighting of Rockhopper on Blizzard Ship!! He has a new background of him and Yarr in his new green ship!!

7.25 PST: Left Club Penguin and tracking Rockhopper again!!

Sunday 24 May 2009

11.10 PM PST: Spotted at Rainbow Beach!!

11.12 PM PST: Moving fast and is now at the Dock!!

11.15 PM PST: Told quite a lot of stories and was last seen leaving at the ship!! Left Rainbow!!

12.40 PM-5.00 PST: Went to servers like Matterhorn and Icebox.

6.30 PM PST: Spotted at Sleet Beach.

6.32- 6.35 PM PST: Moving from Sleet Beach to Ship.

6.38 PM PST: Left Sleet Ship after a few minutes!!

7.00 PM PST: Spotted at Parka Cove!!

7.06 PST- 7.08 PST: Found at Blizzard!! Finding exact location right now!!

7.15 PM PST: At Blizzard Iceberg right now!!

7.17 PM PST: Left Blizzard Iceberg!! Now at Blizzard Beach!!

7.22 PM PST: Left Blizzard Beach!!

10.35 PST: Spotted at Yeti Pizza Parlor, then moved to Cove. Left after a while!!

11.45 PM PST: Seen at Matterhorn Beach!!

Now: Currently tracking now!!

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Update: Saw Rockhopper on Club Penguin?? Click HERE to comment and let us know!!

Wow!! We know that Rockhopper has arrived on Club Penguin and is giving away a free new background to any lucky penguins who meet him!! And so, we really want to help you to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin- using this new Rockhopper Comment Tracker!! : )

Here is how the tracker works: Basically, once you see Rockhopper, quickly comment on this post his location and the server he is in and if he is moving, you can comment the places he went on Club Penguin so that we can track him more easily!! Of course, we do not want to set rules but here are just a few stuffs to take note!! 😀

1) We really appreciate your help and thank you for helping us find Rockhopper, so be sure to comment once you see him!!

2) Be as honest as possible and tell us his true location!! We will understand if he left the location you told us- but please be honest when commenting his location!!

3) Some good details to include would be server, room, time and maybe some special info in which you meet Rockhopper, which will let us find him even more easily!!

4) If you are not good at tracking him, just tell us some useful tips and stuffs you might know about Rockhopper, which will help us as well!! [We have some lots of tips at ROCKHOPPER TRACKER AND ROCKHOPPER GUIDE! : )]

5) Just have fun when finding Rockhopper!! He will be here for a long time so be patient and you will find him very soon!!

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Hey!! I hope you have been seeing Rockhopper around because Rockhopper is giving out an all-new background!! Here is a picture of the new background- you can see Rockhopper’s new ship with all the plants on it and Yarr sticking his tongue out!! To get this cool background, just find Rockhopper and click the get gift button to get the background!! Be sure to comment and let me know when you get it!! 😀

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Rockhopper’s Location: Landed!! LAST SEEN AT MITTN SHIP!! Tracking now!! Keep refreshing for his latest location!! [REFRESH]

We know Rockhopper is coming really soon and we really wanted to help you find Rockhopper and meet him if you have not done so!! So we are tracking Rockhopper again this month and we will be updating his location on Club Penguin in real-time as much as possible and we hope that you can check back here for his latest locations and updates!! Below are some quick tips to get you started on how to find Rockhopper!! 😀

1) To find Rockhopper, you might want to use my Rockhopper Tracker!! This tracker updates very quickly and many many times a day!! So click HERE to refresh every 5-10 seconds to keep track of his latest location!!

2) Rockhopper is a red penguin with a pirate hat and speaks with a pirate accent. Just a quick tip for those who have not seen Rockhopper before.

3) Here is what to expect when you meet Rockhopper: Get to chat with him and get a free awesome autographed background of him.

4) The most likely sequence he visit Club Penguin is this: Ice Burg, Cove, Forest, Plaza, Pizza Parlour, Snowforts, Town, Night Club, Dock, Beach, then the top of The Migrator. So you can use this tip to see where he might be going next.

5) As of now, Rockhopper is going to be online on any server on Club Penguin at all time so you can get a chance to meet him 24/7.

6) He should be on the more popular servers like Tundra and Mammoth most of the time so you can find him on the popular servers more often.

7) He is always surrounded by a large crowd and  so if you want to spot him, just look around for a large crowd of penguins shouting Rockhopper’s name.

8) Rockhopper can stay on a server for different amount of time- ranging from one or two minutes to close to ten minutes. So you have to be really fast when finding him!!

9) See the latest comments on this posts for breaking news and updates about his latest location!!

10) Be the first to comment and tell us once you see Rockhopper!! We will update as quickly as possible his latest location!!

11) Read up more about Rockhopper and get loads of tips at my Rockhopper guide page- ROCKHOPPER TRACKER AND ROCKHOPPER GUIDE! : )

12) Last but not least, Rockhopper will be here for a very long time, so be patient and keep trying until you find him!! We will be helping you along the way by tracking him as well!! : )

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