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Hello Penguins! If you goto the Battle of Doom room, you can see now that there is nothing left:

Is herbert now offically been deafeated? Is he now gone forever? What do you think? Leave us a Comment below and tell us!

Waddle on!


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Hello penguins! Just now i noticed that the Everyday Phoning Facility is crumbled up and destroyed:

Oh No! This must be Herbert and Klutzy’s Attack! So i went inside….

Ahhh! It is! Hmmmm… its funny how the EPF test screen is still working!

If you go up the ladder, you go into the room called ‘The Battle of Doom’, witch raised my heart beat up a little bit. When your inside the room, it looks exactly like the Dragon Fight in Ye Knights Quest 3, apart from the fact that there is a Laser Shield! That going to make thing harder!

It’s strange that all of the other penguins are in the spot you arrive in when you enter the room, and they are not moving or speaking! Witch means you have to complete this challenge by yourself!!!!!! And another weird thing is that Klutzy is not there…. So where is he, probably gone to look for the dragons used in Quest 3!

There is a New Snow and Sports Catalog out, here are the cheats (secrets):

(All Credit to TheCaractorisfromcp for this video)

So then, we will just have to be patient untill club penguin realease the herbert and klutzy attack mini game.

What do you think about all of this? Leave us a comment below and tell us!

Waddle On! (and all the very best of luck in the Herbert and Klutzy attack mini game when it is released)


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club penguin mine

Things just got a little weirder in Club Penguin — while the Adventure Party is in full blast, we have spotted some mysterious construction in Club Penguin!! From the picture, you can see some gadgets and stuffs which looks kinda like a lab. We don’t know much about this but we are going with the Mission 11 rumor for now. What do you think — comment and let us know!! 😀

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Yeah, you heard that right, the new mission– Mission 11 might just be coming out in less than a few weeks somewhere around the corner!! : ) Here are some clues we got here — remember Mission 10, Waddle Squad, the mission in which Herbert escape from a cage after you capture him, but in his escape, he left a package of seeds around which Gary discovered?? : )

Well, relate that to Rockhopper’s overgrown plants and you can see that Herbert might just be up to no good with his new plan to take over Club Penguin using plants and you might just have to stop him before it is too late!! We are not sure about that but it seems like the new mission will be a lot ‘greener’ than usual so be prepared for it!! What do you think about this — comment and let us know!! 😀

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