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Hey Penguins

Ive found this new club penguin code, that can be used by an unlimited amount of people.

It allows you to get a free Green Jacket

Enter this code on club penguin: D23EXP11

by logging on to your penguin and click unlock items online.

And there we have it, a FREE jacket


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Hey Penguins

I have a really big favour to ask! Yesterday I gave away a card Jitsu code for free, I saw how much you loved it and I want to continue giving away coin codes, card jitsu codes, memberships and more. However I have nothing left to give away. But there’s something really simple and easy you can do to help me out!

STEP 1: Sign up to to this website: http://clubpenguinprizes.co.cc/membership/step1.htm and follow the steps.
STEP 2: Login to PrizeRebel and click “Get Points”
STEP 3: Press “Complete Offers” and follow the instructions when completing them.
STEP 4: When you have enough points go to“Prizes” and find the Club Penguin Membership. With this you can then redeem it on the club penguin site, and play as a membership instantly. Buy clothes, buy igloo items, play membership games and go into member rooms.
STEP 5: Repeat this method and continue to earn Club Penguin Memberships for FREE. You may even want to move on and start getting Xbox Live Points, Wii Points, Games and other FREE Stuff.

Its so easy. Plus your getting free stuff out of it, and I get a couple of points every time you earn some. Therefore I can get more codes and giveaway more stuff!

I only need 4 more points. If you help me get them, I will have a massive club penguin giveaway, where I will give away loads of codes, and club penguin toys! Plus I will have a massive party on CP!!

So please help out. thanks

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club penguin membership

Question: Gary is always inventing stuffs on Club Penguin — tell us what do you think is the name of his next invention and what does it do in a few sentence [To enter, please comment on this post your answer, along with your name and email] Contest ends next week and we will then announce the winners next week.

We always wanted to do something to thank you penguins for your awesome support — so here it is — we are having a giveaway of penguins, memberships as well as toy and coin codes every once in a while!! And we will be keep having this giveaway until we run out of stuffs to give away — so without any further ado, here are the rules to the giveaway:

1. You can enter more than one times, but only one answer per comment

2. All winner will be receiving their prizes by email so you have to comment your email and name in order to enter the contest.

3. All comments on this post will be held in moderation till the end of the contest

4. Quick disclaimer: All prizes are unused at the start of the contest but we cannot guarantee that the prizes will be the same condition when given out — but hey, this is for the fun of it, so please do not mind too much about the prize and just have fun!!

comment pic

This week’s giveaway is in the form of a question contest and the best answers will stand to win prizes from us!! Your comment should be interesting, witty and creative!! So start commenting your answers away!! And since we are giving all the stuffs we have every week, you can donate any unwanted penguins, memberships and codes that are in working condition by commenting on this post!! 😀

Update: Contest has ended!! We will be posting the winners at a later date!! Thanks again for joining!! : )

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club penguin toys

I hope you love Club Penguin Toys — because Club Penguin has just announced an awesome update!!  The wait is finally over for the Club Penguin Toys in Australia and New Zealand — Limited Edition Penguins, Mix N’ Match Figures, and Pet Puffles will finally be available in Australia and New Zealand starting mid-June!! Australia will also see the first set of the Card-Jitsu Trading Cards soon!! In Australia, you can check out the toys at Toys”R”Us, and then later on at Kmart. In New Zealand, you’ll find them at Farmers. : )

And there is also a cool event in Australia too somewhere around June!! On June 9th, if you’re in or around the Moore Park Toys”R”Us in Sydney, we want you to help your Club Penguin community celebrate their arrival by attending a special event:

Where: Toys”R”Us, Retail Supa Centre, Moore Park, NSW, 2033
What day: Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
What time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

And For those of us who can’t be in Sydney to celebrate, we can still cheer for our “down under” community. Why not have your own party – meet your friends at the Iceberg and celebrate – just for fun!! What Club Penguin toys and Card-Jitsu sets are you buying?? We really want to know so please comment and tell us!! 😀

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Remember the time that we told you that the Card-Jitsu cards will be in the UK by next week?? Well, the cards have finally arrived in the UK and here are some cool images that we got from the Amazon UK site to show you!! Be sure to grab the cards at your local stores if you have not!! Comment and let me know if you got the cards!! 😀

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Hey!! Remember that we told you about the new puffle themed Card-Jitsu™ cards just a few days ago!!  : ) Well, they were supposed to be released at a later day, most likely next week!! But guess what we found: we found out many pictures of the new Card-Jitsu Puffle Deck out there so here are many exclusive pictures you might want to see!! [Thanks to ToyWiz!!] Be sure to enjoy it and comment and tell me what you think 😀

more cards puffle deck

The new puffle deck consists of the following: 33 total cards: 11 Series 1 cards with a Puffle theme. 19 New cards, including: 3 Power Cards (including the White Puffle card), 4 Puffle ‘Myth’ Cards, 7 Elite Puffle Cards, 5 other Puffle Cards, 3 Exclusive Code Cards.

black puffle deck

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white puffle card

Hey!! If you are the type who like playing Card-Jitsu and earning the black belt, then here are 2 great news for you!! Below are the two great news that I hope you are excited to hear about!! : D Anyway, we are thinking that like the EPF DS game going international, Card-Jitsu will be going global as well, hopefully very soon!! Be sure to comment and tell me what you think of this!! 😀

1) The Club Penguin Team has been working hard to get the first set of Card-Jitsu™ trading cards to the UK and the good news is that they’ll be available there as early as next week!! Also, they’ll even come with codes to enter in Club Penguin so you can build up your Card-Jitsu™ deck online!!

2) Also they have been working on ideas for new cards and here is their result: Right now, in North American Toys’R’Us stores, there’s a new, smaller set of puffle themed Card-Jitsu™ cards available!! Just like the first set, you’ll be able to play with them at home, and also enter the cards online to help you along your ninja path!!

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