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Hello Penguins

A new mission awaits us.

First click your spy phone and go to the Comm Room. Then click on field opps. A message will pop up.

Now go to take part in the great snow race, but only go halfway. You will see an area to the side saying EPF only. Go there.

Once you are in, go toward the transmitter tower. A message will pop up on your spy phone, and you will have to do a field opp mission. Once you complete it a message will come up.

Go and grab your free item, put the helmet on and move on to the next room

Now you’ve got to run through the maze without hitting any lasers. Grab the key and head out of the maze.

Once you complete the maze you enter the room where Herbert is!

Throw 3 snowballs at the electrical boxes.The parts for the Mini AC 3000 have been teleported to us now. We now have to build this but be careful not to awake Herbert!

EPF AC3000 Instructions

To set up the Mini AC3000 look at the picture below:

Mini AC3000

Once you have completed the setup of the AC3000 you will get the AC3000 pin

Ac3000 Pin

AC3000 Pin

Also you will receive a EPF message from G thanking you for all your hard work. Check it out!

Final Message from Gary


You have successfully completed the EPF Operation: Hibernation! What do you think it going to happen next? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


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Hello Penguins

Happy77 has released a video about the great snow race! check it out:


Also look at this secret EPF video I found:


they look so cool! I cant wait.

Comment below and tell me what you think of the videos!

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Club Penguin DS

We have been very excited about the Club Penguin DS EPF (Elite Penguin Force) game going international and here is another great news!! For those people who are living in Australia or New Zealand, you will be happy to know that you will be getting the game this week!! Let me know if you are excited about this!! 😀

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