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Guess what penguins. I found Rockhopper today. Not Once, Not Twice. But THREE times today.

But how did I find him you say?

Using this blogs Ultimate Rockhopper tracker and Chat. There are loads of trackers on this page, plus there are 100s of people on the chat telling you all where rockhopper is. I used that today and found him in five minutes. So why dont you try it now and meet up with rockhopper.


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Rookie is the new club penguin mascot, who you can meet and greet. Plus get a free background from him. Here is the ultimate guide and trackers on how to find him.


Room: Box Dimension


Gary Tracker

About Rookie:

Rookie is the public relations officer for the PSA and a noviceSecret Agent. He is a green penguin always wearing a Red Propeller Cap, a Red Hawaiian Shirt and a pair of Red Sunglasses. Like most people who are rookies in real-life activities, Rookie makes mistakes that more experienced agents wouldn’t. He is also an Elitist.

Rookie Tracker 2011

This is the free player card you get off him when you meet him.

Guide For Finding Rookie:

  1. When tracking Rookie, make sure you go on the highly crowded servers such as Mammoth,Sleet, and Frozen.
  2. Rookie useally logs in at peak hours, witch are 12PM-9PM PST
  3. Rookie changes servers every 15 minutes or so. He can also be on two servers at once! Keep your eyes open, and keep moving.
  4. Rookie will mostly be found in the rooms in the Box Dimension and also the EPF room.
  5. Keep in mind that Rookie is sometimes a bot and will not always repsond to what you say.
  6. You might see a crowded room, or people trying to get in a full room, chances is that he is in there.
  7. Make sure to grab Rookies background when you find him and also comment below aswell.

Please comment below when you find Rookie. What server and what room he was in.

Also follow me on twitter for Rookie Updates on his whereabouts. http://twitter.com/#!/dadted

(Also do you think I should make my own tracker?)


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