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Hi there

Ive been the author on this site for over a week now and I was just wondering if you liked what I was doing at the moment! I have loads of plans for the future for this blog.

Ive started up my own twitter page: http://twitter.com/Dadted

Follow me and ask me questions by includeing @Dadted at the start of your tweet! It would be good to talk to fellow penguin and answer any questions.

Please comment below on what you think of my work on this blog so far. Thank you and as I always like to say at the end of each post –


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The new issue #189 of the Club Penguin news is out and here is a great round-up of what is inside!! This week’s news is a bit special because it is going to be the last news issue with the Reviewed by You section — it will be moved to the Club Penguin blog next week!!  : )

First up, Rockhopper is here but he won’t be staying for long — only until May 31 before he set sail!! So be sure to look out for him and buy the rare plants he bought before he is gone for good!! The Club Penguin team has also had an exclusive interview with Rockhopper about what is going on with the plants!!

Also, the Sensei has also revealed some new updates of what is to come in the new Card-Jitsu game which we covered a bit earlier!!

Plus, coming right up soon is a Dojo Igloo Contest in which penguins can decorate their igloos and win prizes!! Think you are game for it?? You need a black belt to get you started so be sure to read my quick black belt ninja guide!!

And here is a quick summary of the events: I hope you are looking forward to the Adventure Party!! We got a sneak peek lined up HERE if you want to know more!! 😀

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screenhog news

You and me knows a lot about the Club Penguin Times!! It is the Club Penguin news that comes out once a week is is read by many penguins but here are some behind-the-scenes stuffs you might not know!! : ) As Screenhog says, it takes lots of sketching, drawing, coloring, writing, joke and riddle collecting, and a lot of other stuff just to create one single Club Penguin newspaper. Also, in other news, today’s the last Reviewed by You question in the Club Penguin Times, after which it will be moved to the Club Penguin Blog. So the answer to this week’s Reviewed by You question will be published on Thursday, June 11 – and after this week, you can look for the new questions and answers on their blog!! Now that you know more about Club Penguin, comment and let us know what you think!! 😀

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