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For years now penguins from around the island have been going on about a place called Rockhopper Island. Some of you may know what it is and some don’t. But the main thing is, is it real? Well I did some deep research into information about the island and its history and I also tried to find out. Is it real!?

Rockhopper Island is Rockhopper’s private island, where he finds rare items to bring back to Club Penguin. According to Rockhopper, it’s a small island with clean water and fruit trees. It is also the native land of red puffles. It seems to be much warmer than Club Penguin Island, because of it’s tropical flora.

The location of Rockhopper Island is unknown to everyone, although he has given away many maps that may show how to get to it. This has been a running “gag” that the location and exact details of Rockhopper island are unknown. There has been a debate about if Rockhopper Island is ever going to be revealed.

According to The Journal of Captain Rockhopper, Rockhopper Island is warmer than Club Penguin Island, and it has lots of clean water. Also, in the Captain’s Quarters, there is sand. There is no real sand in Club Penguin, so he must have been able to get sand on Rockhopper Island. In some items Rockhopper sells in the Ship Hold, there is sand and other items. For instance the deserted island item has sand, shells, and a palm tree.

Unlike Club Penguin Island, the main species in Rockhopper Island seems to be red puffles, instead of penguins. The only penguin living on this island is Rockhopper himself. Other animals include clams and scallops.

The flora of Rockhopper Island includes fruit trees. And when Rockhopper opened his Captain’s Quarters, he had trees and sand inside. In the book, Christmas on Rockhopper Island, Rockhopper trekked through a jungle with many flowers not native to Club Penguin Island.

Rockhopper stores his treasure in a cave near Rockhopper Island called Rockhopper Cave. Rockhopper cave is said to be connected to a large volcano.

Rockhopper Cave is a cave in which Rockhopper stores his treasure. He first revealed it to penguins in a book called “Christmas on Rockhopper Island”. The cave is partially connected to a volcano mountain near Rockhopper Island.

But is it real, I hear you say. Well no one knows. So I emailed club penguin to see what they would say about it and this is what they said:

Rockhopper Island is indeed a popular subject lately, as so many penguins want to see it for themselves.  We don’t actually know where it is, only Rockhopper does, and he’s not telling anyone.  I suspect he wants to keep his treasure stores a secret, and won’t take us there until there’s no other reason not to.

So my next question is, will WE ever get to go there?

More News on this soon!

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Guess what penguins. I found Rockhopper today. Not Once, Not Twice. But THREE times today.

But how did I find him you say?

Using this blogs Ultimate Rockhopper tracker and Chat. There are loads of trackers on this page, plus there are 100s of people on the chat telling you all where rockhopper is. I used that today and found him in five minutes. So why dont you try it now and meet up with rockhopper.


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Rockhopper is here for April 2011 and here is the ultimate rockhopper tracker page. Including loads of great rockhopper trackers to give you a better chance of finding him.

Tracking: OFFLINE

Server : tracking

Room : tracking

Rockhopper has left the island, so you cant see him for a couple more months.

Updated: 9:34am (PST)

use the chat box at the bottom if this hasn’t updated in a while


Rockhopper Tracker

rockhopper tracker « Club Penguin Cheats

Rockhopper Tracker

Gary Tracker


April 21, 2011 – Rockhopper has a new background for everyone.

Tips on locating Rockhopper can be found here

trackingle.png (500×146)

Welcome to the Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracking Chat! Below are some tips to help you find Rockhopper:

1. When tracking Rockhopper, make sure that you are checking major servers such as Mammoth, Abominable, and Blizzard.

2. Rockhopper is constantly on the move, switching servers every 15 minutes or so. Make sure to keep that in mind when you are tracking him.

3. Take a look in the Migrator, Pizza Parlor, and Cove. These are the Rooms that Rockhopper is known to be active in.

4. Rockhopper is a red penguin with a pirate hat and beard. He is usually a tad larger than the other penguins, so spotting him shouldn’t be a problem.

5. If you are faced with large crowds, make sure to check your “in room” list. This list shows you every penguin in the same room as you. If you see Rockhopper, his avatar will be smiling.

6. Last, have fun and keep trying. We know it is not easy but with our tips and chat, you will be on your way to finding Rockhopper!

Get TheClubPenguinTracking chat group | Goto TheClubPenguinTracking website

Enjoy and good luck in find him.

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Hello penguins, rockhopper and the earth day party is here, so here are the cheats

Rockhopper items:

There is also an easter egg hunt here is a guide on how to do it:

egg 1 is at the dojo:

egg 2 is at the dock:

egg 3 is at the forest:

egg 4 is a the pool:

egg 5 is at the mine shack:

egg 6 is at the lodge attic:

egg 7 is at the ski hill:

egg 8 is at the snow forts:

You get a free background for completing the easter egg hunt:

There is also a free item to find at the plaza:

There are also member items at the dock and snow forts:

The new pin is in the lodge:

That is all, there is quite a lot to do round the club penguin island. I know ill be celebrating earth day and Easter!


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Wow!! The Club Penguins Times Issue #164 is out with some great news, such as Rockhopper news and other stuffs!!



Firstly, with the coming Coins For change, Rockhopper also has plans to land in Club Penguin during this holiday seasons!! Click HERE to find out how to find Rockhopper!! : D



Also, there is a new Furniture Catalog soon coming on December 12!! Try your hands out on decorating your igloo in the news article as well!!



And this week’s “In Focus” is about the Ski Village and Mountain, great places for holding parties!!



In addition, there is a new secret about tips for Aqua Grabber!! Remember to check it out!! : )



And here are the coming events in Club Penguins soon!! Click HERE for an exclusive sneak peek of the Club Penguin December 2008 Clothing Catalog or be the first to comment on this post!! 😀


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