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Rockhopper is here for April 2011 and here is the ultimate rockhopper tracker page. Including loads of great rockhopper trackers to give you a better chance of finding him.

Tracking: OFFLINE

Server : tracking

Room : tracking

Rockhopper has left the island, so you cant see him for a couple more months.

Updated: 9:34am (PST)

use the chat box at the bottom if this hasn’t updated in a while


Rockhopper Tracker

rockhopper tracker « Club Penguin Cheats

Rockhopper Tracker

Gary Tracker


April 21, 2011 – Rockhopper has a new background for everyone.

Tips on locating Rockhopper can be found here

trackingle.png (500×146)

Welcome to the Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracking Chat! Below are some tips to help you find Rockhopper:

1. When tracking Rockhopper, make sure that you are checking major servers such as Mammoth, Abominable, and Blizzard.

2. Rockhopper is constantly on the move, switching servers every 15 minutes or so. Make sure to keep that in mind when you are tracking him.

3. Take a look in the Migrator, Pizza Parlor, and Cove. These are the Rooms that Rockhopper is known to be active in.

4. Rockhopper is a red penguin with a pirate hat and beard. He is usually a tad larger than the other penguins, so spotting him shouldn’t be a problem.

5. If you are faced with large crowds, make sure to check your “in room” list. This list shows you every penguin in the same room as you. If you see Rockhopper, his avatar will be smiling.

6. Last, have fun and keep trying. We know it is not easy but with our tips and chat, you will be on your way to finding Rockhopper!

Get TheClubPenguinTracking chat group | Goto TheClubPenguinTracking website

Enjoy and good luck in find him.

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Update: Please click HERE to refresh or comment where Rockhopper is!! : )

Straw000’s RH Tracker

Rockhopper’s Location: ROCKHOPPER HAS LEFT : (

Hey!! I have finally fixed the old Rockhopper Tracker!! Sorry about the previous tracker that is not working very well!! This will be a more accurate and faster tracker to track Rockhopper!! : )

This tracker will be 100% accurate only when I am online!! And it will only be working from today (Friday) to Monday (19-22 December) during the peak hours in which I am online!!

Here is a picture of Rockhopper found at the Pizza Parlor, Brumby just a while ago!! You need to be fast and refresh often by clicking HERE to meet him!! : )

This is the last chance for penguins who have not seen Rockhopper yet to find him and if you want to help out, please click HERE to comment if you see Rockhopper!! I will be online as long as possible just to help you all find Rockhopper, so please help me out!! 😀

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Rockhopper’s Location: Moved to HERE.

<a href=”https://straw000.wordpress.com/rockhopper-finding-guidewith-images-d/><img src=”http://straw000.googlepages.com/rockhoppertracker.png alt=”Straw000’s RH Tracker border=”0 /></a>

Hey!! If you have not found Rockhopper yet, here are 15 sure-fire tips on how to find Rockhopper!! : )

1) Use the above Rockhopper tracker. It is 100% accurate, dynamic and updates quickly!! Click HERE to refresh his location every 5-15 seconds!!

2) Rockhopper goes on crowded server very often during peak hours and less crowded servers during non-peak hours.

3) Some of his favorite servers include Mammoth, Blizzard, Frozen and Tundra.

4) He goes to places such as the Plaza, the Forest and the Pizza Parlor. He usually likes to go on his ship.

5) Rockhopper is always online nowadays so you do not have to check if he is online!!

6) When some less popular become crowded all of a sudden, then Rockhopper is most likely to be there.

7) Rockhopper is a red pirate penguin wearing a captain hat and has a beard. Here is what his player card looks like!!

8) Rockhopper can stay on a server ranging from less than a minutes to 15 minutes. So you have to be quick and update the tracker frequently.

9) Once you find Rockhopper, you can get a free background from him, go to his home (The Migrator) or choose to ignore him.

10) It is easy to spot Rockhopper once he is in your server. He will be crowded by a large crowd of penguins on a crowded servers and a smaller crowd on less crowded servers.

11) There are many various methods to finding him, which you can click HERE to find out. But the best way is to keep looking at this Rockhopper Tracker and keep refreshing!!

12) Make use of the chat bar and your player list to see if Rockhopper is in the room you are in.

13) See the comments for the most recent updates on Rockhopper’s location .

14) Rockhopper can go on certain servers many time in a short period of time, or he can go on multiple servers at one time!!

15) Lastly, Rockhopper is a fun pirate penguin!! Once you find him, take your time to follow him around and party with him!!

Bonus Tip: Here are just some of the sure-fire tips from my Rockhopper Guide. You should click HERE to read the full guide on how to find Rockhopper!!

This Rockhopper tracker will be updating more frequently and accurately than other trackers, so keep clicking HERE to get Rockhopper’s latest location!! (December 2008) Or you can click HERE to tip us on Rockhopper’s location or tell us more sure-fire tips to finding Rockhopper!!

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