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official stage playbook

The Official Stage Playbook book is out and it’s yours to unlock with the following codes. By unlocking the book, you get 1500 coins and a blue book or 2000 coins if you unlocked them before. So keep trying until you hit the correct code they want — you might want to check out my 36 Free Sure-Fire Club Penguin Book Unlock Codes!! : ) and 50+ Free Sure-Fire Club Penguin Book Codes [The Inventor’s Apprentice And Secret Agent HandBook] if you have not!! Keep checking back for more updates to this post for more codes!! 😀

Q. What word is on page 3, 5 words from the left on line 14?
A. Flipper

Q. What word is on page 3, 2 words from the left of line 12?
A. Acting

Q. What word is on page 3, 5 words from the left of line 3?
A. Bright

Q. What word is on page 3, 7 words from the left on line 5?
A. Show

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We don’t know if you know this — but it seems like Club Penguin is going to release some new books quite soon in about a few months and we found quite a lot of cool pictures to show you what they will look like!! : ) The main highlight among these books would of course be the book which can unlock items online — Star Reporter and the Official Stage Playbook!!

Star Reporter is a “Pick Your Path Book”, the third book in the series and we are guessing that you get to be a reporter helping Aunt Arctic [the first one was about Rockhopper and the second one was about Gary] You should be seeing Star Reporter coming somewhere during July 30. The Official Stage Playbook will only be available on October 15 and we are guessing it is about the golden puffle at the stage!! [Meanwhile, unlock free items using book codes from HERE and HERE]

New Books
Club Penguin Book Codes

The other books are Game Mania, Club Penguin Comics and Chillin’ With Friends and will mostly be available on October 15!! Be sure to comment and tell me what you think about the new books!! 😀

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