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Hey!! The new catalog is out and here are all the cheats and secrets in the new March/April 2009 Furniture Catalog!! Be sure to comment and let me know what you think of the new catalog and the latest stuffs!! 😀

1) Click on the Electric Guitar Shadow Box to reveal the secret Disco Ball.

2) Click on the word Puffle in the words “Puffle Posters” to buy the White Puffle Poster.

3) Click on the Koi Pond to get the Ice Table.

4) Click on the Pinata to get the Aquarium.

5) Then click on the Velvet Rope to buy the Welcome Mat.

6) Lastly, click on the snow forts on the right to buy the Green Birdhouse.

Also, the Penguins Play Awards is here and here are the new cheats and secrets in the Stage Catalog!!

1) Click on the golden penguin award on the top to get the Penguin Awards Background.

2) Click on the green wig to get the Time Travel Hat.

3) And lastly, click on the word “VS” to get the Squidzoid costume!!

And finally, there is a new free item for all members. Go to the Exit to go to the Backstage at the Stage to get the cool Penguin Play Award!! Also be sure to vote on your favorite plays and check out the new stuffs such as the snow sculptures around Club Penguin!!

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