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Hello Penguins

I did some research today about Herbert and I found out quite alot!

If you look in this weeks newspaper, you see a message from the director and if you click the EPF icon a message pops up:

These are the plans of how to capture Herbert. Do you know the AC 3000 thats in the ski village, for the Great Snow Race party. Their the plans of Gary to blast Herbert into hibernation.

However, I think that these plans will go wrong, and we wont be able to capture Herbert. Klutzy is our main problem in stopping Herbert. As I think he might attack the AC 3000 and then Herbert wont go into hibernation. I believe this because he’s been pooping up quite alot in the newspaper!

Then I think Herbert will attack the light house, this is because if you’ve seen the new Club Penguin Commercial (advert) then you see him standing next to the lighthouse, and also the new homepage of Club Penguin has him standing next to the light house.

Also in the EPF commercial you see Herbert and klutzy sneak past EPF agents in disguise.

Also do you remember last year in August there was a secret message in the command room? with EPF tubes all around the island. One was right next to the lighthouse:

I think that Herbert is trying to get to them. To try and stop the agents. But maybe they dont exist yet? Because in the Commercial there were some construction workers. Maybe they were building them!

So there we go. I believe that all EPF agents will be working hard at this Great Snow Race, to try and stop Herbert.

What do you think will happen? Comment below

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club penguin mine

Things just got a little weirder in Club Penguin — while the Adventure Party is in full blast, we have spotted some mysterious construction in Club Penguin!! From the picture, you can see some gadgets and stuffs which looks kinda like a lab. We don’t know much about this but we are going with the Mission 11 rumor for now. What do you think — comment and let us know!! 😀

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Yeah, you heard that right, the new mission– Mission 11 might just be coming out in less than a few weeks somewhere around the corner!! : ) Here are some clues we got here — remember Mission 10, Waddle Squad, the mission in which Herbert escape from a cage after you capture him, but in his escape, he left a package of seeds around which Gary discovered?? : )

Well, relate that to Rockhopper’s overgrown plants and you can see that Herbert might just be up to no good with his new plan to take over Club Penguin using plants and you might just have to stop him before it is too late!! We are not sure about that but it seems like the new mission will be a lot ‘greener’ than usual so be prepared for it!! What do you think about this — comment and let us know!! 😀

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