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Hello Penguins! There is a new blog post on the official Club Penguin Blog, and this is what is says:

Thanks for all your great comments during our last Reviewed by You! It was fun to read all the different things you’d come up with if you were making an app. Here’s an app Ruby72527 thought would be cool:

Well… If I were to make my own app it will be about like a detective solving games. So there would be like little hidden notes or fingerprints on the screen. You’ll also get to design your detective. Also there will be some training for your detective to unlock levels, the training levels are like little mini games.
P.S. Waddle on CP!!!!

Great idea. Waddle on, Ruby72527!


Last week we announced that we’re releasing Puffle Launch as a mobile app on September 15. So we thought it would be good to ask for your best tips and tricks! What advice would you give someone who hasn’t played Puffle Launch before?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We’ll pick one comment to feature in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then… Waddle On!

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Hello Penguins

A new mission awaits us.

First click your spy phone and go to the Comm Room. Then click on field opps. A message will pop up.

Now go to take part in the great snow race, but only go halfway. You will see an area to the side saying EPF only. Go there.

Once you are in, go toward the transmitter tower. A message will pop up on your spy phone, and you will have to do a field opp mission. Once you complete it a message will come up.

Go and grab your free item, put the helmet on and move on to the next room

Now you’ve got to run through the maze without hitting any lasers. Grab the key and head out of the maze.

Once you complete the maze you enter the room where Herbert is!

Throw 3 snowballs at the electrical boxes.The parts for the Mini AC 3000 have been teleported to us now. We now have to build this but be careful not to awake Herbert!

EPF AC3000 Instructions

To set up the Mini AC3000 look at the picture below:

Mini AC3000

Once you have completed the setup of the AC3000 you will get the AC3000 pin

Ac3000 Pin

AC3000 Pin

Also you will receive a EPF message from G thanking you for all your hard work. Check it out!

Final Message from Gary


You have successfully completed the EPF Operation: Hibernation! What do you think it going to happen next? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


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Hello penguin

The Club Penguin Expedition is here, and this is how to do it:

Start your adventure at the dock! One you go to the new room you will find a free item:

Next you will walk to the next room and there will be some paths you need to take:

Path 1: right

Path 2: up

Path 3: down

Path 4: left

Path 5: down

Path 6: right

Once you complete your expedition, you will arrive at a cliff!

Follow these instructions once you have got there

1. Plug in the plug.
2. Click the coffee beans to grind them.
3. Click on the cofee dispenser.
4. Click on the coffee.
5. Push the green button.
6. Pull down the pink and green switches.
7. Push the yellow, pink, blue, and pruple buttons.
8. Pull the blue lever.
9. Click on the piano keys that flash green.
10. Press the green button.
11. Press all of the green squares.
12. Pull the pink, then blue lever.
13. Turn the wheel/nob thing.
14. Pull the red chain.
15. Click the hot sauce bottle.
16. Click the water tank.
17. Click on the vent.
18. Click on the toaster.
19. A target will appear. Throw a snowball at it.
20. The barrel will rise up – walk onto it.


You will now be transported to the coast of the mysterious place!

There you can buy a life jacket for 50 coins if you are a member.

If you are a non member you can go no further on this journey.

build the ship and wear the life jacket and sail to the new place.

this is what you will find:


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