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Status: Not tracking (Cadence is offline now)

Location: ONLINE!! (REFRESH)

Sorry I have been away for a very long time and I have been thinking about whether to quit this site altogether or to continue going on. But after some deep thoughts, I have decided to come back. But I can’t always be posting all the  news and stuffs like before. So I may cut down on some postings now and then and post on major stuffs.

Plus, I have decided to set the comments so that you can comment without the need for moderation (Sorry for those comments who still have not appeared, I still have 20,000+ comments waiting to be approved) But please do not write any bad words as you will get a warning.

Now that we are done, here is the DJ Cadence Tracker. We track mostly during the peak hours and we will clearly say whether we are tracking. And since comments are open now, you can read the comments for more info on where Cadence is!! Enjoy!! : D

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Update: Click here to keep refreshing for DJ Cadence Tracker’s latest location or to comment on this post!!


Straw000’s Cadence Tracker



Hey!! Cadence Dance-A-Thorn Member Dance party is out and I posted the Cheats And Secrets for the member Dance Party!! But before that, here is a 100% accurate DJ Cadence Tracker that will be updated every minute and is a lot more accurate than other DJ Cadence Trackers!! So click HERE to refresh for her latest location!!


And here are all the sure-fire tips and tricks on how to find Cadence!!




1) DJ Cadence is a pink penguin with a purple wig and a scarf with a headphones.


2) To find and track her, keep refreshing the tracker by clicking HERE for her latest update location.


3) She can only be found in the Night Club, the Dance Lounge, and the Rooftop and will be moving around


4) She is mostly on during the peak hours and on more crowded servers.


5) Some servers that she has appeared on includes Crystal, Mammoth and Bonanza.



6) She is always surrounded by a crowd of penguins so you can make use of your buddy list to find her among all the penguins.


7) Read the comments for the latest updates on DJ Cadence, or comment if you see her.


8) Be patient since there is a lot of days to find her. Just move around the servers to find her.


9) Sorry if the DJ Cadence tracker is not working for you. Just be patient and keep refreshing and Straw000 will do his best to track her. Lots of penguins have found her using the tracker!! : )



10) Once you find DJ Cadence, have fun, get the free background and chat with her!! If you want to find her as many times as you want, then keep clicking HERE to keep refreshing!! 😀


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Update: Click HERE for the updated location of DJ Cadence!! : )


Straw000’s Cadence Tracker


DJ Cadence Location: Online and latest location @ DJ Cadence Tracker And Top 10 Sure-Fire Tips On How To Find DJ Cadence!! : )




Hey!! The new Club Penguin News Issue #170 is out and it is confirmed that DJ Cadence will be hanging out and moving around on different servers!! So, here is a 100% Accurate Sure-Fire DJ Cadence Tracker to track DJ Candence!!



Anyway going on to the rest of the news, there is going to be a Winter Fiesta on January 23 2008 which is going to be great!! : )



Also, Gary has given us some more updates about the AC 3000 which is going to be stored for a really secret special event!!



Lastly, here are all the events that will take place really soon, such as the Member Dance Party tomorrow in which you can get a chance to meet DJ Cadence!! Comment and let me know what you think about this party!! 😀


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