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Hey!! Here are the cheats and secrets in the new December 2008 Furniture Catalog!!



1) Click on the Holly on the top left corner to buy the Leaning Tree!!




2) Click on the Velvet Rope to reveal the Welcome Mat!!




Plus, here are the cheats for the Stage Play “Quest For The Golden Puffle”, click on the Golden Puffle for the Crook And Flail!!




The new item is a Bell which is at the Beach and at the Plaza!!




Rockhopper has also brought some new items!! The free item is the Red Sailor’s Cap on Rockhopper’s Ship!!




Plus, you can donate your coins at the different places such as the Plaza , the Beach and the Captains’ Quarter!




The Treasure Hunt game has also been updated with candies and canes!! You can also send new postcards to your buddies!!


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Update: Christmas Party should be coming to Club Penguin really soon!! Click HERE to comment what you want to have for the party!!



Hey!! Here are the cheats and secrets for the new December 2008 Clothing Catalog!! : )




1) Click on all the four lights (red, green, blue, yellow) to reveal the Yellow Scarf.



2) To find the Russian Hat, click on the tip of the tree on the left side.




3) Click on the face of the red penguin to buy the Red Viking Helmet.



4) Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 3 times to reveal the secret Blue Viking Helmet.



5) Click on the pink ribbon on the pink penguin’s wig to reveal the Pink Pom Pom Toque.



6) Click on the lighthouse behind the orange penguin to reveal the Red Hoodie.



7) Click on the pink flipper on the Clearance page to find the Black Superhero Mask.



8) Last but not least, click on the 60 coins each in the Backgrounds page to find the Black Scuba Mask.



Anyway, there is also a new awesome “Penguins At Work” which lets penguins bake cakes!!



Also, there are some new cool backgrounds that are based on the coming Christmas!! : )




Also, there is a new pin at the Pet Shop which is a cool Snow Fort Pin!! : D




In addition, Rockhopper’s ship has been sighted through the telescope at the Beacon, and it look green, so there should be a great Christmas Party!! Click HERE for a bigger view of his ship!!


Lastly, if you want to find Rockhopper once he arrives, click HERE to read my awesome Rockhopper Guide!! And you can be the first to comment on this post as well!! : )


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Update: The Christmas Party is coming on December 19!! Comment on what you think the Christmas Party is about!!


Wow!! Here is a great sneak peek for the Clothing Catalog this Friday!! I think it will be based on Christmas, since it shows two snowmen!! : D


If you have not seen the November 2008 Clothing Catalog Cheats, you should do so before Friday!! Comment on what you think the Christmas Party on December 19 is about!! 😀


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