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Is it just us or are Rockhopper’s plants growing faster than usual?? Just a few days ago, we noted that Rockhopper’s plants were just growing around on the beach and now, the beach is full of these weird overgrown plants — new strange pink flowers and overgrown vines can now be seen!! : )

And Club Penguin has laid out some amazing surprises for us penguins too — go to the Beach and click on the pink flowers and green vines to see them grow and multiply in huge numbers in a short while!! Hmm, if you are thinking what I am thinking, most likely we are going to have a forest on Club Penguin and you have to find your way around a forest maze to get free items during the Adventure Party!! What an unexpected surprise from Rockhopper!! What do you think?? Be the first to comment and let me know!! 😀

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We do not know if you have seen this image yet but we found this awesome sneak peek of a Club Penguin Adventure Party coming right up located at the Disney’s official site!! : ) It seems like the Adventure Party will be held from June 12-16 and from the look of it, it seems like it is going to be quite an — ADVENTURE!! We are predicting new cool clothing and items during the party so stay tuned!! Be sure to comment and tell us what you think!! 😀

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