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music decor

We know you always want to the sneak behind what’s going on behind Club Penguin so this week, Happy77 has got a treat for you all!! An interview with the Club Penguin Team!! 😀

Q: I know there are a lot of different music stages for this party. Which one was the most fun to work on?
A: All the stages were great to work on, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say the big stage at the dock. It changes themes throughout the party.

Q: How did you come up with all the different decorations?
A: The focus was kept on two things, music stages and things that make noise. So there are different stages, but also some cool noise-making surprises!

Q: I heard rumors about a chocolate fountain in one of the backstage areas. Is that true?
A: Wait! There’s a chocolate fountain Backstage!?!? Golly, look at the time, I better. . . umm. . . get back to work. . . at the Backstage. . .

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101 days of fun

We have to admit it — the 101 Days Of Fun on Club Penguin is kinda boring and there are no prizes or goodies out of it. So here might be a great reason for you to try them out again — if Club Penguin see that you are trying out the activities, you get 1001 coins in your account!! Now that might be useful for penguins who are short on coins — but wouldn’t it be better if they gave us $1001 if we did the 101 Days Of Fun activities in real life?? Comment and let us know!! 😉

Update: My giveaway contest will be extended till tomorrow for a chance for more penguins to enter!! We have a membership to give away so enter while you can!! 😀

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Hope you are having fun with the Club Penguin 101 Days Of Fun — because Club Penguin has a whole new week of awesome events all lined out for you!! Here is the new 101 Days Of Fun Checklist for this week!! As usual, we want comments from you, so start commenting!! 😀

Day 8 (June 11): Try doing things in a completely new way today. Start reading the Club Penguin Times backwards like this – Day backwards its! Luck good!

Day 9 (June 12): It’s the day of the big green parade! Paint your penguin and shade of green and start a parade across the island with 20 other green penguins!

Day 10 (June 13): Start finding! Get a group of friends together and have a race to complete the Adventure Hunt. Be the first to spot everything.
Day 10 (June 13): Start finding! Get a group of friends together and have a race to complete the Adventure Hunt. Be the first to spot everything.

Day 11 (June 14): Find a buddy and go find the plant that eats snowballs. Hint: Throw snowballs at every plant you see until you find it!

Day 12 (June 15): Prepare for take off at the Beacon of the Lighthouse! Play Jet-Pack Adventure and try flying the whole course without getting any coins and win a huge bonus prize!

Day 13 (June 16): Attention explorers! Grab your best explorers outfit and uncover the mysterious stone puffle statue. Lead 10 penguins to it calling “This way to the stone puffle!”

Day 14 (June 17): Its a busy day in the Coffee Shop! Put on your apron and get to work. Serve 10 cups of coffee to thirsty penguins.

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We hope you are having fun with the 101 Days Of Fun on Club Penguin — because here is your new activity for today!! You have to catch the Big Fish in the Ice Fishing game and if you do not know how to catch it, use a small fish as a bait!! : ) Other than that, be sure to check out my ultimate giveaway at Straw000’s Ultimate Club Penguin Giveaway: Win Penguins + Memberships + Codes!! : ) Comment and let us know what you think!!

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cp print 101

We don’t know what to say about this one — but if you are the type of penguins who need a paper checklist in real life to complete the 101 Days Of Fun tasks in Club Penguin, then this is for you!! For the first time ever, Club Penguin is offering printable list of things to do offline — such as printing out your checklists from the Fun Activities page — which includes awesome online and offline activities!! And don’t forget, we also have our own 101 Days Of Fun Checklist — which you might want to check out as well!! : )

activities 101 pic

And the 101 Days Of Fun starts today: Your first activity is hunting for the pin that’s hidden on the island! There’s a new one every two weeks for you to find! Once you’ve got the pin, turn blue, put on your ice cream apron, and lead 25 others to it!! Think you are game for it?? — be sure to comment and let me know!! 😀 [PS: If you can’t find the pin, then click HERE for the pin cheat ;)]

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Think you are ready for the 101 Days Of Fun that is starting in Club Penguin today?? Well, we have prepared a handy and quick checklist of all the awesome activities you will be doing — 7 fun and cool events just for this week. And that’s just the icing on the cake — more activities will be coming right up, so be sure to take some time off and start getting busy with your buddies on Club Penguin and check out these cool activities!! : )

And by the way, if you managed to complete some of the activities, be sure to comment and let us know and if possible, share pictures of the activities by commenting on this post — who knows, we might post it!! So be sure to have fun and start commenting away!! 😀

Day 1 (June 4): It’s time for the epic pin hunt! Turn Blue, put on your ice cream apron & see if you can lead 25 Penguins to the pin!

Day 2 (June 5): Work Time! Grab a construction hat from the Penguin Style Catalog & get more then 10 dancing construction buddies to join you on the Iceberg!

Day 3 (June 6): Waddle up to the Lounge above the Night Club & play 10 levels of Astro-Barrier. Wait 30 seconds, then shoot at the blue ship to uncover secret levels!

Day 4 (June 7): Grab a warm-weather item from new catalog in the Gift Shop & have 20 Penguins follow you to the Cove for a snowball throwing party!

Day 5 (June 8): Make a big fish wish! Go ice fishing by entering the door in the lodge. Try to catch the big fish. Hint: near the end, instead of a worm, use a fish as your bait.

Day 6 (June 9): It’s time for the hiking Vikings! Buy a Viking helmet of your choice at the Stage & march in a circle shouting “Hiking!” & “Viking!”

Day 7 (June 10): Before you log in to Club Penguin next time, check out the What’s New Blog & help us pick a summer pin by your comments!

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101 days of fun

Wow!! Imagine 101 Days Of Fun on Club Penguin when you get to something new to do, discover, and check off every single day for 101 days!! Well, Club Penguin is launching a new 101 Days Of Fun — Starting this Thursday, June 4, until the middle of September, every week you’ll find a list of things to do in the Club Penguin Times! It all starts on this Thursday so more details will be given later!! Finally, Club Penguin is giving us something new and fun to try out and let’s not forget the Adventure Party coming right up — what do you think?? And by the way, are you on holidays?? Be the first to comment and let me know!!

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