In the recent video upload to Club Penguin’s youtube channel. Scott announces that there are items coming soon to the United Kingdom which are available for purchase such as:

  • Magazine
  • Top Trumps
  • Books


Top Trumps are already available for purchase, whilst the two books won’t be available until February 2 and the magazine on February 9. Are you going to purchase these items? Let us know in a comment.


The Underwater Expedition is fast approaching. Preparations have already begun, with boxes full of decorations being delivered to the beach. Today, it seems more boxes have been delivered.

As you can see by the above picture, the water has also crept into the island a little further. Nobody is sure what the Underwater Expedition party will bring, but it certainly seems like it’ll be big. What do you think? Let us know in a comment.

A new igloo was recently uploaded to Club Penguin’s Community section. This weeks decorated igloo is owned by Pickle 2113.

This seems like a pretty full up igloo, especially on the lower level with all those puffle beds and coins. What do you think? Let us know in a comment.

Club Penguin has recently chosen a new igloo to be featured on the Club Penguin Community Blog.  The owner of the igloo that has been chosen, has the name of Sabortooth80.  Take a look.


In my opinon, this igloo has a great colorful design with a great amount of lights.  What do you think about this new featured igloo?  Let us know by leaving a comment.

Club Penguin has recently updated their community fan art pictures.  These pictures could be found in their gallery.  They either have to do with a Holiday or New Years theme.  Take a look at them.

What do you think about these new fan art pictures?  Let us know in the comments.

Gary the Gadgey Guy now has a new assignment for us. Just watch the video below for the Cheats.

Was the Field Ops mission easy or hard? Let us know in the comments below.

It’s the 25th of the december, the last of the 12 days which means we can finally open our last present!

  1. Go to the Forest.
  2. Click on the 25th door the one with a wreath around it.

If you click on it you should get the gingerbread man costume.

Merry christmas everyone! What did santa give you? Let us know in the comments box.