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The Great Snow Race is here! WOOP WOOP! Here is a guide with all the cheats!

The first step is to get the items at the supply camp:

Once You’ve done that you head to the top of the mountain to receive your free item:

Other Cheats: If you go to the side of the ledge on the mountain, you will be able to enter the room to complete Club Penguin Operation Hibernation.

Also, here are the Club Penguin Great Snow Race Stamps:

The Mountaineer Stamp, get this by reaching the top of the mountain.

Club Penguin Mountaineer Stamp

The Snowboarder Stamp, Wear your snowboard and dance in a party room to receive this.

Club Penguin

The Stunt Penguin Stamp, Complete an obstacle course to get this stamp.

Club Penguin Stunt Penguin

Do you like the Club Penguin Great Snow Race? Why dont you comment below and tell us the best part!


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Its time for #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Site Spotlight Winner!

Blackshark39 is this weeks Site Spotlight winner because they have a really good Club Penguin site, but they don’t have many views on it.

The site is beautifully laid out, with a good background and banner. The Sidebar has all the information you need and isnt cluttered! Plus the site gets updated often with the latest CP news.

Also I like their contest, you should check it out.





If you’d like to be a Site Spotlight winner then comment below with a link to your site.


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Hello Penguins

I have some big news for you, there is this website called Swapits that I have been a member of for a long time! Thats where I get my card Jitsu codes for free to giveaway.

Anyway I was looking round the website, when i found out Disney has put a promotion on the site, and are giving away free puffles and playsets! :O WOW!

To join in the fun and to win these all you have to do is sign up to the Swapits site, by clicking here


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Hello Penguins

Its time for the #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday Giveaway! Today im giving away to one lucky winner 3 Card Jitsu Cards completely FREE!

Sadly on people who live in the UK can enter as I have to pay for postage myself and it will cost alot to post over seas. Sorry!

Please get your parents permission before entering this as you will have to give me your address if you win so I can post the cards to you! You will also get a special message written by me coming with the cards.

To enter all you have to do is comment below with a valid email address, so if you win I can contact you. The winner will be announced next wednesday on 31st August (which is also the closing date!)!

Good Luck!

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Good Morning Penguins. Its Wednesday morning, and you know what that mean?! ITS #DadtedsWellGoodWednesday

I have a really good giveaway coming up in a few hours time! Its a chance to win some card jitsu cards, posted to your door, completely  free! Also I will choose another Club penguin Website to be this weeks winner of Site Spotlight.

Thats all coming your way today, so keep checking back!


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Hey Penguins

Ive found this new club penguin code, that can be used by an unlimited amount of people.

It allows you to get a free Green Jacket

Enter this code on club penguin: D23EXP11

by logging on to your penguin and click unlock items online.

And there we have it, a FREE jacket


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#DadtedsWellGoodWednesday happens every week on Wednesdays, all day on this very site.

Also you can join in more WellGood fun by following me on twitter, @Dadted.


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