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There is a cool post about the Igloo Upgrades as well as some updates on the Penguin Games that is coming soon!! : D


New Ship Igloo & the Penguin Games!



Also, Rockhopper has just departed!! : ( Hope he comes back soon!! 😮


Lastly, I have updated my Coin Cheats Page with some great tips!! If you want to get a lot of coins, please visit it and comment!! Thanks a lot!! 😀


Coins Cheats Guide!! : )



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Yeah!! There are some great cool stuffs in Club Penguin today!!




Firstly, the new pin is an awesome Dodgeball Pin and is located at the right of the Stage!! : D



The new Ship Igloo is also in the Igloo Catalog so please go and check it out!! : )



Also, there are some cool clothing items in the Sports Catalog which is based on the coming Penguin Games!!




One cool background penguins can buy is the new Basketball Background which really fits in with the coming Penguin Games!! 😮


Straw000’s RH Tracker


Lastly, sorry if the Rockhopper Tracker was not working well because I was making some updates on it 😦 Now that the updates are done, the Rockhopper Tracker will function again and will be even more awesome than before!! Thanks a lot!! 😀


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Hey!! Here is the awesome news about the coming Penguin Games!! : )



There is a cool detailed article all about the preparation of the Penguin Games, with extra explanation by two penguins!! : D



Also, the new Ship Igloo will be coming very soon and by the look of it, it will be be a very new and nice igloo design!!



There is also a special article about tips on Fashion which helps your penguin to look better!!



And Club Penguin’s current “In Focus” is on the Plaza, a really cool place in Club Penguin!!



In addition, here are the special and awesome coming events that will be coming soon!! 😮


Lastly, please check out my new Coin Cheats page which will be updated very often with cool coin cheats!! Thanks a lot!! 😀


Coins Cheats Guide!!!(SUPER DETAILED) : )


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Update: Click HERE for Rockhopper’s newest location!! (April 2011)

Straw000’s RH Tracker

Woot!! Here is a post dedicated to finding Rockhopper!! Basically, you just look at the tracker to get the current location of Rockhopper!!

If you find him on any server, please comment on this post to say where he is and I will update this widget very quickly!! : )


I have also updated my page with even more awesome cheats, tips and glitches!! Click the link above to see them!! : D

I hope this tracker will help you!! Thanks a lot!! 😀

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Straw000’s RH Tracker


Rockhopper Finding Guide(With Images)! : D


Hey!! In case you are having trouble finding Rockhopper, here is a great tracker to help you!! It has lots of details and is highly accurate and updates very fast and frequently!! : D You can check out more about this widget on my sidebar!! : ) If you want to, you can also read my guide first and make use of it, with the help of the tracker to find him!! 😮



I have also updated my page with more cool cheats and tips!! Please visit the page and comment!! : )




Also, there are some awesome posts about stuffs in Club Penguin!! : )




There were some awesome posts which mentioned about the awesome new Stage Play and Aqua Grabber Updates!! : ) You can read more about the complete posts of these updates!! : D


Awesome New Aqua Grabber Complete Guide And Cool Cheats!! : )


Awesome Paper Boats Scavenger Hunt Guide And Cool Play At Stage!! : )



Also, Rockhopper has just docked at the Beach!! I hope you get to meet him and get some awesome freebies from him!! : ) Thanks a lot!!


Rockhopper Returns Friday!!


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Hey!!! The cool Scavenger Hunt for the Paper Boats has just began!! : ) Click on the Paper Boat on the top right of the screen to get started!! : D



There are 8 paper boats to find!! The first one is at the Mine on the water bucket!



The second paper boat is at the Cove on the bottom right of the screen!!



And the next one is at the Coffee Shop at the counter!! : )



The fourth paper boat is hiding among the rocks at the Beach!!



The next one is submerged in the water at the Pool!! It will appear after you wait for a while! : D



The sixth paper boat is at the Puffle Shop near the Puffle Food!!



The second last one is at the Dock and is hidden there!!



Finally, the last paper boat is at the Iceberg! : )



Now that you have found all the 8 paper boats, we can build the blueprint!! 😮



Arrange the pieces of the blueprint so that they look like the one as shown in the picture!!




And you can then claim your prize which is an awesome Blueprints Background!! : D





Also, Rockhopper has just landed at the Beach!! You can get a free Brown Boots and buy some new furniture items!! : ) One of the hidden cheats in this catalog is that you can buy a Life Ring by clicking on the image of the Steering Wheel!! : D Thanks a lot to Peng Pinky for this great tip!!




In addition, there is a new play at the Stage which is called Team Blue’s Rally 2!! The play looks very awesome with two teams, the Red and Blue Teams!!





You can get to buy a free cool Gym Background which is part of the new Costume Catalog!!


Straw000’s RH Tracker


Lastly, since Rockhopper is on the island, you might want to meet him!! So the tracker has been updated with extra details and is located at the top of the sidebar on the right side!! : ) Hope you like it!!! 😀

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Hey!! There are some awesome Club Penguin News today!! : )



Firstly there is an awesome review on the Music Jam with different reviews from different penguins!! : D



Also, penguins can look forward to a really cool activity called Penguin Games!! : )



Also, there will be a Scavenger Hunt for some ship igloo plans very soon!! 😀



Also, Club Penguin’s current “In Focus” is on Jet Pack Adventure which is packed with hints and tips about the game!!



Also, there is an article on the new Play that is coming to the Stage very soon!!



Lastly, here are all the awesome events coming soon!! 😀 One of the most important event is that Rockhopper will be visiting us, so remember to make use of my awesome tracker to find him!! : D


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