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Hey everyone, Mimo777 has just made a new post on the clue!
This is a really hard clue but I managed to figure it out in twenty minutes : D
In the end, I realized that it might be too hard for some people to solve so I decided to give the answer away! 😀
The answer is Mukluk! : D
You can find the image by searching on Google! 
Here is the image!
 Mimo777 has posted that it is not Big Foot or Boots and the poem vaguely hinted at this server : D
 And also, I decided that I would give the more answers to Mimo777’s Buddy List clues if-
1) I get 500 views on average per day in a week. 😮
2) I get 75 comments on this post by this Friday.
3) I get more hits than Orbvab’s site.
 As promised, I will update the widget and send a e-mails of the answer to the people who asked for it : D
 And if you came here to solve for Mimo777’s clues, PLEASE COMMENT!
If you do not have any website or e-mail, use a fake one : D I won’t mind. I really want to have more comments! : D Thanks a lot!

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If you want to be Mimo777’s buddies, please read this post! 😮 
 I know that you want to be his buddies and that if I give the answers away, you cannot get a chance to be his buddies. : (
So this is what I am proposing.
You can comment on this post and leave your e-mail or your site URL which I can give the answers to : D
 I will also post some hints to the answer, if you comment here and say so!
Please post some comment to whether you want any of these. 😀 Have fun solving the clues! 

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Time Of Party : D

 Hey the time for the party is 10.00 AM CPTZ! : D

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Stelioskas is having a party and he is using clues to say the details of his party! : D  
Here is the first clue.
It decodes to SERVER IS ALASKA.
His comment give a hint which is PARTY HINT! 
Here is the second clue.

 Hey the time for the party is 10.00 AM CPTZ! : D

This is the third clue.
 The unscrambled sentence reads
This is the date clue. Good luck. Answer can be found in the comments.
 The answers coordinates to March 23
Lastly, this is the room clue. (Read the capitals of the title : D)
The room is the forest. Use the coordinates and the hint to figure it out.
 The whole details of his party in one paragraph.
Server: Alaska
Time: 10.00 AM CPTZ
Date: 23 March
Room; Forest 
Please go and have a look and try decoding it yourself! Now only do you get to go to his party, it is good practice in order to try and solve Mimo777’s clues!

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Happy Easter Weekend! : D

Billybob has posted a new post on the Club Penguin Blog! : )
Just remember to check out the Easter Egg hunt! It is for a limited time only! : D
If you need help, you can check out my guide! 😮
Also, I have updated my page! Please visit and comment!
Lastly, please submit your funny pictures and I will post them! Thanks a lot! 😀

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The Easter Egg Hunt has began and here are the locations of the eggs : D Also I will try to explain the logic behind it! Hope this helps people who cannot figure out why the eggs are at a particular location 😀
The first egg is at The Mine which is the “Underground”. 
The second egg is at The Dock, where it fits the description of it “covered in snow” and “sitting near the water’s edge”
The third egg is at The Pet Shop, which looks like a red puffle : D
 The fourth egg is at The Book Room, which is “prickly” and “green” and looks like a cactus! 😮
The fifth egg is at The Gift Shop, which is in the poster at The Gift Shop.
 The sixth egg is at The Stage near the “mask”! Can you see the mask?
The seventh egg is at The Lodge Attic, hidden in the “cardboard box”. You have to scroll over the box to see the egg pop out! : D
 The eighth and last egg is at The Dojo. And it is a ninja egg which appears and disappears at random place! There are two ways to get it.
1) Focus on a particular position and click the egg when it appears, preferably near the door! : )
2) Click around at random place and hopefully, you click the egg! the best time to do so is when the egg is moving over the walls of the room! 😀
When you are done, this is what you get. 
Claim your prize, because you deserve it! 
 Go around wearing the Bunny Ears to show that you have completed your Easter Egg Hunt! : D And comment if you have done so!
 There is also a new awesome furniture catalog! : D Go and check it out!
And one interesting thing to note : D 
 This year’s Bunny Ears is green while the previous years were pink and blue… So maybe next year’s one would be yellow? 
Mimo777's Party Widget
 You can also use my new widget!
Thanks a lot! 


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There is a post at the Club Penguin Blog : ) 


 Migrator Construction   


From what the posts say, all the mysteries will be unravelled over the next few week so keep an eye on the updates happening! : D    





At the Club Penguin Improvement Project Blog, there are also some awesome updates!


 CPIP Wallpaper!!    


The Team is doing a great job and their wallpaper is awesome! : D Go and download it! 


Download wallpaper  


And my buddy is having a party too! Please go and check it out! 😮 





And that’s not all! The Easter Egg scavenger hunt is coming soon in a few hours so keep updating at this site : D  


If you have a site, please put me on your blogroll  😀  




Thanks a lot! 


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